Securing the Human Online Training

Online training is provided to units by way of SANS Securing the Human Program. This program offers a series of videos with quizzes that are assigned to the employee. The employee logs into the program at using their Bronco NetID and password to complete the training which may be started and stopped as often as necessary.

Only Unit IT support staff, or a person deemed by your unit to be responsible for your unit's security training may request unit training by submitting a security training request. The training request has been added to the IT Direct service management system and you will be asked to login using your Bronco NetID and password, accepting the default LDAP log on. Once a request has been received IT Direct will be used to provide a listing of the constituents in your group. This list should be reviewed, edited as necessary and re-submitted as quickly as possible, following the instructions in the IT Direct service management system.

Once the list is finalized and returned, IT will create the accounts, allocate seats and assign the required 19 training modules. A series of system-generated messages will go to the account holders, in the name of the requester who is assigned as the account admin. Users should browse to and login using their Bronco NetID and password and complete the training within 60 days. The requester/admin has privileges to view status reports and use the system to send a reminder notice.

Required modules

    • You are the Shield
    • Social Engineering
    • Email and Messaging
    • Browsing
    • Social Networks
    • Mobile Devices
    • Passwords
    • Encryption
    • Data Security and Data Destruction
    • Working Remotely
    • Protecting Your Personal Computer
    • Protecting Your Home Network
    • Protecting Your Kids Online
    • Hacked
    • PCI Dss
    • FERPA
    • HIPAA
    • Ethics
    • Cloud
    • Data Retention
    • Federal Personally Identifiable Information

Summary Reports

You may keep up with the status of your members' training by running summary reports. 

    1. In the Reports section, select Summary Reports.
    2. Click Run Report.
    3. Click the numbers shown for further detail.

    If you have any questions about the SANS online training, please contact Nancy Kroes at (269) 387-5017. Questions about using IT Direct should be referred to the Technology Help Desk at (269) 387-4357, option 1.