Instructions for Security Training Administrators

Once you have submitted your security training request and been defined as an administrator for the University's online security training system, Securing the Human, you will receive a listing of the constituents in your group from Richard Burton in the Office of Information Technology. Please review the list and return it with any additions or subtractions, to Richard as quickly as possible.

Once the list is returned, you will be informed to communicate to your unit that training is being assigned to them and IT will set those people up with an account in the system, allocate seats and assign the required 22 training modules. We ask that you inform your unit that they have 30 days to complete training.

Staff should browse to and login using their Bronco NetID and password.

Required training modules

  • Introduction
  • You Are the Target
  • Social Engineering
  • Email and IM
  • Browsing
  • Social Networking
  • Mobile Devices
  • Passwords
  • Encryption
  • Data Protection
  • Data Destruction
  • Wi-Fi Security
  • Working Remotely
  • Insider Threat
  • Help Desk
  • Physical Security
  • Protecting Your Personal Computer
  • Protecting Your Home Network
  • Protecting Your Kids Online
  • Hacked
  • PCI Dss
  • PII
  • Ethics
  • Cloud
  • Data Retention
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Privacy

Summary Reports

You may keep up with the status of your members' training by running summary reports. 

  1. In the Reports section, select Summary Reports.
  2. Click Run Report.
  3. Click the numbers shown for further detail.

If you have any questions about the above procedures, or wish to request additional modules, please contact Nancy Kroes at (269) 387-5017.