Spring 2005 BIOS 170 Poster Fair

Several sections of BIOS 170 (Life Sciences for Elementary EducationMajors) participated in a poster fair this spring. The studentsdesigned and conducted investigations with Brassica rapa plants.Investigations included such questions as:

  • "What effect does pH of the water have on plant growth?"
  • "Does the color of light have an effect on the height of Brassica rapa? White light vs. red light?"
  • "How does temperature effect the growth rate of Brassica rapa?"

Students conducted their investigations during spring semester. Dr.Renee' Schwartz introduced the idea of the poster fair as theculminating activity that enabled students to proudly display and communicate their work and also have opportunity to critique and provide feedback to others.

Posters included introduction, design, results, conclusions, and connections to the nature of science (a consistent theme throughoutthe course). Students were asked to specifically relate theirinvestigation to what scientists do and how aspects of the nature of science are represented. Students also wrote a description of howthey might incorporate similar plant investigations into elementaryclassrooms. Students gave short presentations and then spent themorning looking at each others posters, asking questions, and providing written feedback. Thanks to the faculty and students ofMISE who also attended the fair!

Congratulations to all the students on a job well done!

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