Facilitating Change in Undergraduate STEM: An Invitational Symposium Integrating Multiple Perspectives



The goal of the Facilitating Change Conferenceis to clearly articulate models for promoting fundamental changes in STEM instructional practices in higher education that are consistent with available empirical and historical evidence as well as theoretical perspectives about human and organizational change.  Participants from different backgrounds will engage in substantive discussions focused on improving change models and theories.  The conference will build on a multi-disciplinary literature review completed by the organizers.

Basic Information

The Facilitating Change Conference will be held June 16-19, 2008 at Brook Lodge in SW Michigan. Forty participants from diverse research communities who work in the area of tertiary educational change will be invited to attend.  All conference costs will be paid by a NSF grant.  A limited amount of travel money is also available.

This is conceived as a working conference. Each conference participant will be asked to bring a poster describing an approach they have taken to the study or facilitation of change in undergraduate STEM. Conference discussions and presentations will focus on how we can study, enact and support fundamental change in the teaching and learning of undergraduate STEM subjects. 

This project is supported by:

National Science Foundation


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