Final Report Guidelines

Final Report Guidelines

MDE Title IIA(3)
Improving Teacher Quality
Competitive Grants Program
Statewide Cross-site Evaluation

Project Director Report and Evaluation Report

Following are the guidelines for REQUIRED reporting. Parts #1, #2, and #3 should be prepared by the director (in collaboration with their evaluator, as appropriate) and Part #4 should be prepared by the project evaluator (not SAMPI). Because each project is unique, the required information may not fully portray all the accomplishments of the project. Project Directors and Evaluators should feel free to report additional information about the project as appropriate. HOWEVER, the forms below should be submitted as part of the report. They can be the entire DIRECTOR'S PROJECT REPORT (along with financial reporting requirements) or a specific section of the report, with other program information presented separately. The EVALUATION REPORT should continue to be a stand-alone report with required information in Part #4 incorporated in it as appropriate. The Department wants to be sure that projects report additional information about their work that they consider important.

The guidelines and forms for the MDE Teacher Quality Grants Report are in the following Microsoft Word document. Save the file to your computer, complete the forms, then save the document. Completed documents may be submitted as e-mail file attachments.

MDE Teacher Quality Grants Report pdf

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