MDE Title IIA(3)

MDE Title IIA(3)

MDE Title IIA(3)
Improving Teacher Quality
Competitive Grants Program
Statewide Cross-site Evaluation

Project Overview

In an effort to better understand and more efficiently report to stakeholders the effects of projects funded through the Improving Teacher Quality Competitive Grants Program, the Michigan Department of Education Office of Professional Services has approved a common reporting format for grantees. This system will allow a more comprehensive cross-site analysis of who is being served by the projects and the effects of programming on participants. Thus, each project director will be responsible for preparing reports (or working with their evaluators to prepare reports) at the end of the project funding period. Specific due dates will be included in grant award documents.

Project Directors and Evaluators are advised to review the reporting requirements early in the implementation of their projects to be sure adequate information is being gathered to effectively complete the forms at the end of the project. As noted, participation data should be maintained in an electronic database for easy maintenance and retrieval of information. It should be noted that some of the required district and school level data are presented in the actual project proposal (such as at-risk factors), so this information will already be available when the project begins.

Reports should be submitted electronically. Questions about reporting requirements should be submitted to Donna Hamilton at the Michigan Department of Education (e-mail:; phone: 517-241-4546). For information about the statewide cross-site evaluation, contact Crystal Stein, Coordinator of Project Data, SAMPI (e-mail:; phone: 269-387-3791).

Recommended Database Structure

Final Report Forms


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