Technology and Innovation Advancement

Technology transfer

A substantial amount of research is being conducted at Western Michigan University resulting in new findings, developments, and discoveries that can benefit society. The transfer of these discoveries to the commercial sector is coordinated through Technology and Innovation Advancement (TIA), the "technology transfer" function at WMU, and Western Michigan University Research Foundation (WMURF). The Office of the Vice President for Research is responsible for the management of WMU's intellectual property and its commercialization through the research foundation.

Contact the director regarding research discoveries that may have commercial value, for securing IP rights (e.g., patents, copyrights) for such discoveries, and for IP commercialization strategies. We also provide consulting on how to work with corporations regarding IP issues and sponsored research and how to maximize research impact by combining publications with IP rights.

Technology development fund

WMURF supports commercialization efforts at WMU through the Technology development fund.

Technologies at WMU

U.S. Government information

For technology and innovation advancement inquiries contact:

Dr. D. Clark Bennett, Director
Technology and Innovation Advancement
Office of the Vice President for Research 
(269) 387-8218