This page contains links to a variety of forms associated with submitting external funding proposals, developing contracts and other agreements for project work, and for meeting federal and university compliance regulations.

Proposal Submission

A proposal approval form (PAF) that summarizes the project, personnel, budget, and other characteristics of the proposal is required for all external funding proposals and contracts. The PAF is also used to document principal investigator acknowledgement of University regulations and approval for submission of the proposal by university officials.

If you access the web-based PAF from off-campus (e.g., via laptop or home computer) you must use the campus Virtual Private Network (VPN) portal to maintain security of the University's data. The VPN software, available from the OIT website, must be installed on the off-campus computer you will use to log on. Once installed, which takes only a few minutes, the VPN portal can be used to access your current and previous proposal approval forms from off campus locations. Download the VPN software.

Budget Forms

Budget templates for use with a variety of funding agencies are in development. In the meantime, your Research and Program Officer can provide samples of budget templates used by a variety of principal investigators.

Pre-award spending and accounts, budget revision, cost transfer, and other budget-related forms are available from the Grants and Contracts Office.


WMU has developed a variety of contract templates for use in developing agreements with independent contractors and industry, and to provide sub-awards to other organizations.

Compliance Forms

Compliance forms are available for use in applying for approval to conduct research with human subjects and animals. For questions about compliance procedures, visit the Compliance Section of our website or contact the WMU Compliance Officer at 269-387-8293.

Project Management Forms

A variety of policies and forms exist within the university to assist with management of funded projects, many of which fall within the purview of the Grants and Contracts Office.

IP and Tech Transfer Forms

Intellectual property (IP) and technology transfer forms are used to document inventions and creations, establish and/or transfer ownership of such property, and develop privacy agreements with industry or other organizations. For more information about IP and Tech Transfer, call WMU's IP Management and Commercialization Office at 269-387-8218.

Conflict of Interest Forms

Conflict of interest forms are used to disclose and/or manage potential conflicts of interest. Federal regulations require the University to satisfactorily manage, reduce or eliminate any conflict of interest prior to the institution's expenditure of any funds provided by an external award.

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