Research and Proposal Development Tools

Proposal Development


Principal Investigator Office of the Vice President for Research Sponsor
Develop your idea.        
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Identify potential sponsors arrow left right Assist with searches upon request.    
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Make a preliminary contact with potential sponsors for reaction and critique. arrow left right Research officer reviews and/or organizes quality circle review.    
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Discuss the project with chair/director and associate dean.        
arrow down arrow left right Comment on concept paper if one was submitted by P.I.
Prepare a draft of proposal arrow left right Research officer reviews proposal upon request.    
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Finalize proposal, submit electronically to OVPR or deliver copies to OVPR. arrow right Make copies if needed and received 48 hours before deadline.    
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Initiate proposal approval
form and secure
approvals from
chair/director, dean,
and provost and.or other
VP as needed
arrow right Prepare letter of
transmittal, secure
approval of vice president
for research, mail or
electronically submit
arrow right Acknowledge receipt,
conduct proposal review
        arrow down
Revise proposal, revise
or prepare new proposal
approval form
arrow left Negotiate (in consultation with principal investigator)
requested revisions
arrow left Request modifications
- or -
      arrow down
arrow right Secure approval of vp for research and mail
arrow right Accept or reject proposal
        arrow down
If declined, seek
comment from sponsor,
evaluate grant seeking
strategy and start anew
arrow left Notify the principal
investigator and internal offices and acknowledge
arrow left Notify WMU of decision
arrow down
    If accepted, report award and secure University approvals    
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