Research and Proposal Development Tools

Proposal Development

Drafting your Proposal

Before drafting your proposal, be sure to:

Make an appointment with your WMU research officer for assistance with interpretation of guidelines, application forms, budget development, applicable requirements and timeline.

Obtain approvals:

  • If the project involves human subjects, vertebrate animals or biohazards, contact the research compliance coordinator and obtain appropriate approval(s).
  • If the project involves radioactive materials, contact the radiation safety officer and obtain appropriate approval(s).
  • If the project requires
    • cost share,
    • additional space on or off campus,
    • alterations or renovations,
    • unusual facility demands,
    • major computer usage,
    • required equipment match, or
    • tuition waiver (be sure to use the projected rate for the time frame of the project)

    Further discussion and/or approval is necessary and a written commitment for funding from the appropriate offices involved. Your WMU research officer can assist in this process. Commitments for funding of the above also need to be secured in writing prior to submission of the proposal. Your WMU research officer can assist in this process.

Complete the Proposal Review and Approval Form.

Get approval for any teaching load adjustments from your chair/dean. Faculty assigned time during the academic year means that a portion of your teaching load is reassigned in order to do project work. You may be able to receive payment from your project during spring/summer sessions within the constraints of the AAUP contract and sponsor guidelines.

Develop the budget using the worksheets provided.

Obtain appropriate department approvals. (Please note that while chair and dean signatures are required for internal purposes, only the vice president of research can sign for the University. In addition, contracts need to be signed by the Associate VP for Business and Finance.

  • Submit the proposal and applicable internal forms to the department chair/unit supervisor. If more than one department is involved, obtain the signature of each department chair.
  • Obtain appropriate college-level approvals. If more than one unit is involved, obtain the signature of each dean (or equivalent).
  • Obtain appropriate approval(s) if the project involves international and/or extensive computing support.

Obtain appropriate vice presidential approval. If more than one vice president is involved, obtain the signature of each.

Submit the proposal to your research officer.

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