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Training Modules

  • Conflict of Interests by Columbia University
    This module discusses conflicts of interest at many different levels, and so is suitable for students, researchers, faculty and administrators. Content covered includes the importance of identifying conflicts of interest; definitions and descriptions of specific types of conflicts of interest; and the importance of managing conflicts of interest in clinical research. The module also defines and identifies conflicts of interest at the institutional and IRB level, presents examples that help understand government policies with regards to conflicts of interest and highlights problematic areas in these policies. The content also includes strategies for managing conflicts of interest. The material is presented in fashion that encourages engagement in the process of ethical decision making.
  • Reviewing and Managing Researcher's Conflicts of Interests by University of Minnesota
    This course if meant for department chairs, deans, and conflict review committee members. Its goal is to enhance consistency in applying policies and making decisions regarding researchers' disclosures and plans to resolve potential conflicts of interest. Material is presented in the form of a case study and four interactive modules. The topics covered include conflict of interest and disclosure; application of university policies and procedures in the conflict review process; management plans; and decision-making for managing potential conflicts of interest. The entire course takes approximately 60-70 minutes to complete.
  • Potential Conflicts of Interest by University of Minnesota
    This course is meant for principal investigators and other researchers including faculty members, professionals, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students. Its goal is to highlight federal, state, and university policies regarding conflict of interest; provide an overview of disclosure procedures; and demonstrate how plans to manage potential conflicts of interest are developed. Material is presented in the form of a case study and 4 modules. The topics covered are conflicts of interest and disclosure; the conflict review process; and managing potential conflicts of interest. The entire course takes approximately 60-70 minutes to complete.
  • Research Conflicts of Interests Course by University of Texas, Health Science Center at Houston
    This course is designed for research faculty, research trainees, university administrators, and research conflicts of interest committees. Is goal is to help you understand and manage the types of conflicts of interest that may arise when investigators or institutions have financial interests related to their research. A case-based approach is used and depicts how members of a university Research Conflicts of Interest Committee that must review a financial disclosure for a faculty member with financial interests in a clinical study. The Committee must decide if the conflicts can be eliminated, reduced, or managed, and if the research can go forward as proposed. Decision points are presented as quizzes. The course takes about one hour to complete.

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News Update

  • Medicine In Conflict “There is more concern than ever that doctors are blurring the lines between objective science and financial gain” source: Businessweek Online

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