Research Ethics Resource Center - Authorship and Publication Practices

New ideas and findings are communicated to the world at large through publication, which makes responsible authorship an important concern. The following topics provide information on making sound choices in the course of authoring and disseminating knowledge

Training Modules

  • Responsible Authorship and Peer Review By Columbia University
    Material covered includes the importance of responsible authorship, the role of an author, the role of a peer reviewer, ethical issues surrounding publication and peer review, and ways to deal with the conflicts that might arise in authorship or peer review. Includes case studies, Q&A and opportunities for reflection.
  • Responsible Literature Searching By Association of Health Science Libraries
    You have to create an account, to access information and the site is a little difficult to navigate. However, it provides good guidelines for those in the health and biomedical sciences regarding the type of information that needs to be included in a literature search, how to select search criteria, how to keep a lit review current, and how to evaluate the appropriateness of a literature review.
  • Responsible Authorship and Responsibility for Bugs and Errors By The Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science at Case Western Reserve University. Includes a number of scenarios and questions that highlight the issues surrounding authorship, but does not provide guidelines as to how to resolve these situations. Can be useful for stimulating classroom or lab group discussion.
  • Responsible Authorship and Peer Review. From Research Ethics Modules By North Carolina State University.



Professional guidelines


Readings on Authorship and Publication Credit


Readings on Authorship and Accountability

  • Scientific misconduct. Even retracted papers endure. By K. Unger & J. Couzin, 2006. Science, 312(5770), 40-1.
    Waldo Library, General stacks, call number Q1. S35
  • Scientific misconduct. Cleaning up the paper trail. By J. Couzin & K. Unger, 2006. Science, 312(5770), 38-43.
    Waldo Library, General stacks, call number Q1. S35
  • Accountability and authorship. By K. Barker. November 8, 2002, Science Next Wave.

Intellectual Property and Copyright


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