Research Development Award

2012 - 2013

Area of Interest
Kathryn Docherty Biological Sciences Investigating the soil microbial responses to fire and interacting global change factors in a California annual grassland
Megan Grunert Chemistry Pedagogical techniques training for graduate teaching assistants in a problem-based inquiry college chemistry laboratory
Chien-Juh Gu Sociology Culture, beliefs and mental health; the role of religion in Asian American women's emotional lives
Valerian Kwigizile Civil and Construction Engineering Evaluation of performance of older drivers at roundabouts to quantify potential safety and operational problems caused by age
Yan Lu Biological Sciences Identifying novel connections between photosynthesis and amino acid metabolism
Leah Omilion-Hodges Communication Understanding the military's use of communication to service member's family
Christopher Pearl Biological Sciences How changes in the estrogen environment contribute to declining sperm production and maturation
Blair Szymczyna Chemistry Assembly mechanism of a potential target of anti-rotaviral therapeutics; development of a technique to investigate protein recognition of RNA targets

2011 - 2012

Area of Interest
Upul Attanayake Civil and Construction Engineering Noncontact technologies for condition assessment of highway bridges.
Martha Councell-Vargas School of Music Investigation of the history/role of the flute in Cuban dance music
Jaqueline Eng Anthropology Anthropological study of ancient Mongolian human health.
Doris Ravotas Blindness and Low Vision Studies Effectiveness of the patient informed consent process for hospital procedures.
Sharon Seabrook Russell Extended University Programs Study of cross-disciplinary education, training in food science of low income youth in Calhoun County and Battle Creek.
Pingbo Tang Civil and Construction Engineering Automated sensor planning and data quality validation for efficient and effective geometric assessments of building facilities using 3D laser scanners.

2010 - 2011

Area of Interest
Kelly Ackerson Bronson School of Nursing To understand the perceived benefits and barriers to cervical canceramong women who do and do not obtain routine Pap smears.
Lori Brown Aviation Assessing Pilot fatigue Countermeasure training and Potential Benefits: A Comprehensive Study, in Support of Aviation Pilot fatigue Risk Management.
Beth Seiler Aviation Using safety reporting system at all the collaborating programs to begin the collection of safetydata across a mixed population of collegiate aviation flight programs.
Asghar Kayani Physics An experimental research program to investigate the diffusion kinetics of hydrogen in magnesium based hydrides.
Paul Rajib Statistics Studying Efficacy of Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitors on Vascular Endothelial Health Using Spatial Mixed Effects Models.
Susan Piazza SPLS Adrian High School has a goal of raising its students' reading achievement. A need assessment will be conducted to determine the school's present standing in three areas. Infrastructure to support sustained curriculum improvement in reading, current classroom practices in reading, and student outcomes in reading.
Glinda Rawls UCTC Career Thoughts and Career Decisions Making Self-Efficacy in Two Groups of College Students: A comparison between young adults who age out of the foster care system and their non-foster care peers.
Vladimir Risukhin Aviation Exploration of ways to single pilot performance improvement.
Karen Vocke English How a typical public school district in Michigan and texas proactively support LEP-m students in order to maximize their educational outcomes, such as achievement across all core subjects areas, graduation rate , increase attendance and decreased discipline referrals.
Luchara Wallace SPLS Family Camps: Providing Informational and Emotional Supports to Families of Children with Disabilities.
Geoffrey Whitehurst Aviation Identify differences in pilot performance for pilot's only exposed to aircraft equipped with digital technology when they are required to fly aircraft equipped with older analogue instrumentation.
Brian Young PCI Development of Low Cost, Simple Quantitative Paper-Printed Immunodiagnostic test Strips for Applications in the Laboratory or Remote and Harsh Environments.
Daniela Schroter Evaluation Developing Faculty Expertise in Using Standards for Educational Evaluation.
Ruth Zielinski Bronson School of Nursing Pelvic floor disorders (PFD's) which may result in prolapse of the pelvic structures.

2009 - 2010

Area of Interest
Ramakrishna Guda Chemistry Semiconductor nanocomposites: Towards Optical Limiting and Imaging
Peter Gustafson Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Treatment of Idiopathic Scoliosis
Lucius Hallert Georgraphy Demographics to detrmine consumers food shopping preferences
Brian Horvitz Educational Leadership, Research and Technology The use of GIS/GPS for data collection
Gellert Mezei Chemistry Advantage of using molecularly woven polymers
Christine Moser Economics Media and elections in Madagascar
Xiaoyun Shao Civil and Construction Engineering Unified Seismic Hybrid Semilations
Andre Venter Chemistry Study of membrane proteins in cells

2008 - 2009

Area of Interest
Melisa Beeson School of Public Affairs Nonprofit & Administration Management
Liang Dong Electrical & Computer Engineering Wireless Communication
Claudia Fajardo Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering Laser Diagnostic Techniques
Sharie Falan WMU Bronson School of Nursing Nursing Health Care
Mary Lagerwey WMU Bronson School of Nursing Nursing Involvement in the Third Reich
David Meade Industrial & Manuf. Engineering Nanoparticle Based Dry Coating
Udaya Wagle School of Public Affairs & Administration Income Inequality in OECD
Li Yang Geography Tourism Management


Area of Interest
Wendy Ransom-Hodgkins Arts and Sciences Cancer growth factors
Debasri Mukherjee Arts and Sciences Nursing labor market
Herb Fynewever Arts and Sciences Chemistry education
Sybil Rhodes Arts and Sciences Biotech Agriculture in LA
Ala Al-Fuqaha Engineering and Applied Sciences Large Scale Networks
Pavel Ikonovov Engineering and Applied Sciences Nanorobots
Ahmad Jrade Engineering and Applied Sciences Green Buildings
Kapseong Ro Engineering and Applied Sciences Aeronautical Refueling
Amy Curtis Health and Human Services Electronic Data & Health Care
Barbara Barton Health and Human Services Domestic Violence
Greg Flamme Health and Human Services Hearing Impairment
Tetyana Koshmanova Education Global Education for Peace
Kelly McDonnell Education Group Counseling
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