Distinguished Faculty Scholar Award

What happens to nominations not awarded?

As this year’s process of selecting Distinguished Faculty Scholars begins, the Committee wishes to clarify some aspects of the selection process.

The process begins with a nomination period stretching from the first week in October to mid-January. Announcements come in the Western News and through a flyer sent to all Board-appointed Faculty members. The flyer spells out the conditions for receiving the award. The Selection Committee then begins a screening process that usually ends in late March. After the Committee arrives at its conclusions, its chair informs the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs of the recommendation(s) arrived at. It is important to understand that the Committee makes only recommendations.

The Committee considers four aspects of the process have not been clearly understood:

First, although the selection process occurs every year, no annual award is prescribed. Awards are governed by the maximum number of awards stipulated in the governing rules and the presence of nominees who meet the standards set for an award. Therefore it is possible that in a particular year no award is forthcoming. An automatic annual award would make the prescribed standards suggestions rather than rules.

Second, the selection process is an on-going one. That means, an unsuccessful candidate in a given year may well be on the path to or even close to winning the award later.

Third, for that reason, the Committee’s rules provide for a continuing process. All nominations submitted in a given year are kept on file and retained for some years. When candidates up-date their files they are automatically reconsidered in that year. In that case, the Committee may request that elements of the original nomination be brought up-to-date. Files are only automatically removed when the nominee retires, leaves Western Michigan University or requests such removal.

Fourth, in the case of a nomination unsuccessful in a given year, the Committee suggests that those concerned check the nomination point by point against the stipulated conditions for the award. They may find areas of weakness that the nominee could remedy over time.

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