Master of Arts Program Requirements

The Master of Arts in the Department of Comparative Religion at Western Michigan University is currently reviewing its exit requirements for degree completion. We should have the updated information available here soon.

Departmental reading lists for M.A. exams:


thesis requirement

Option two requires a thesis and four additional requirements:

  • Complete a total of at least 27 hours of course work, including 12 hours of required core courses and 15 hours of electives chosen from approved courses.
  • Prepare a master's thesis (six hours) under the direction of a thesis advisor.
  • Demonstrate reading proficiency in one foreign language relevant to their research area.
  • Defend the master's thesis in oral examination.

Course requirements

Students are required to complete 33 credit hours of coursework consisting of core and elective courses.

Core courses (required of all students)

  • REL 6000 - Comparative Religion Professional Seminar
  • REL 6100 - Theory and Method
  • REL 6150 - Pedagogy: Teaching World Religions
  • REL 6200 - Advanced Writing Seminar in Comparative Religion

Elective courses

Students who choose the thesis option are required to complete 15 hours of elective coursework. For those who choose the non-thesis option, the requirement is 21 hours. Electives may be drawn from the following courses:

Cognate courses

Approved cognate courses may be drawn from related disciplines such as anthropology, philosophy, sociology, psychology, English, history and art history in consultation with the student's advisor.