Common concerns: FAQ by parents

Registration and scheduling

Is my student registered?

We can verify current enrollment; however, according to FERPA we cannot release how many credits they are registered for or specific courses they are taking.

My student has become ill and will not be able to finish the semester, what do we need to do?

A student can withdraw from courses up to a specific date indicated in the course offerings booklet. After that specific date they need to appeal for a late withdrawal in the Office of the Registrar. Approvals require documentation.

My student has decided not to return to WMU, what should he/she do?

Officially withdraw all his/her courses and contact Housing and Financial Aid if it is not at the end of a semester.

I have paid my student's tuition and he/she has decided not to return how do I receive a refund?

The student must withdraw through the Office of the Registrar and then appeal with Accounting Services for a refund.

My student did not attend last semester and would like to return, what does he/she need to do?

Students retain their status as eligible to take courses for an entire year before they have to reapply with the University.

My student would like to take a course at WMU. What should he/she do?

Please contact the Admissions Office and apply for permission to take courses.

Can I register for my student?

The registration system is accessed through the WMU student portal. Students can easily register using their signon.

Why wasn't my student able to get a particular course?

There is no guarantee that students will be able to get the courses they want. Time Ticket (formerly priority registration) is set up so that students who are closer to graduating will be able to register sooner. However, popular courses will fill up faster.

If my student needs a course and was unable to register for it, what should they do? Who can they talk to?

Students are continually dropping and adding to their schedules during the registration period; therefore, a student can continue to try to add a course untill the end of the drop/add period. There are a number of options in fulfilling general education requirements and the course catalog outlines the possible selections. College advisors are helpful in selecting options.

What are the rules of residency for Michigan?

The governing board at each university in Michigan has the authority to establish a residency policy/guidelines for admissions and/or fee purposes. Therefore, residency policies (guidelines) may vary from school to school and are independent of those used by other state authorities to determine residency for purposes such as income and property tax liability, driving and voting.

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