Registrar's Notes

October 24, 2011

Midterm Grading

This is the final week for instructors to enter midterm grades for the fall semester. The Midterm Grade Worksheet will be available through Sunday night, October 30. Additional information on midterm grading as well as instructions on how to submit midterm grades can be found on the Registrar’s Office website at:


Spring Registration

Registration for Spring 2012 continues. Juniors with 77 hours or more are eligible to register today.

Financial Aid Course Repeat Change

As you are working with students to plan their Spring 2012 schedule, please be aware of a new Department of Education regulation impacting students who repeat courses. As of July 1, students can receive federal financial aid funding for only one repetition of a previously passed course. A passed course for this purpose is defined as any course in which the student earns a grade of “D” or better. There is no limit to the number of attempts allowed if a student does not receive a passing grade, but students who have already passed and received credit for a course are limited to two times. The new regulation does not apply to repeatable courses such as multi-topic courses or courses which can be taken multiple times for credit such as dissertation, thesis, independent study etc.

Last Day to Withdraw

Just a reminder that Monday, November 7 is the last day students can withdraw from a Fall course. After November 7, withdrawal from a course will only be permitted through the hardship panel withdrawal process of GAPDAC. Documentation will be required and the Hardship Panel will determine if a hardship exists and whether a withdrawal is warranted. Students initiate this process through the Ombudsman’s Office.

Looking Ahead--Fall 2012 Schedule Building

The Fall 2012 working reports will be available for departments to review starting on Monday, Oct. 31. All revisions must be completed in Banner by Wednesday, November 23.

Upcoming dates:

  • Friday, October 28—Last day for a 25% refund for a complete withdrawal
  • Sunday, October 30—Mid-term Grades Due
  • Monday, November 7—Last Day to Withdraw
  • Wednesday, November 23—Thanksgiving Recess begins at noon
  • Thursday, December 1—Deadline to apply for April graduation
  • Saturday, December 17—Commencement
  • Tuesday, December 20—Fall Grades Due at noon


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