Registrar's Notes

October 25, 2010

Spring registration

Registration for spring continues today, juniors with 77 hours or more are now eligible.

As you assist students with registration, please remember that undergraduate students cannot be enrolled in 6000 level courses unless they have dual-enrollment status or have been admitted to an ADP. Contact this office for assistance.

Waitlisting reminders-

Banner forms:

  • SFAWLPR will allow you to see the students who are waitlisted for a particular section and will show what position they are in the waitlist queue.
  • SFIWLNT will include students who have been notified that a seat is available and will indicate one of the following under ―Waitlist Status:
  • Pending—indicates that the student has been notified and is still within the 24 hour window to add, but has not yet registered for the class.
  • Expired—the student has been dropped from the waitlist either because they have dropped themselves or exceeded the 24 hour time frame.
  • Registered—the student has enrolled in the course.

Cognos report:

This report will provide a list, by department, of sections with a waitlist, the number of students on the waitlist, and available waitlist seats.
Folder: Schedule Building Reports-ODS
Report title: DEPT:Wait List Status by Course

Midterm grading

This coming Sunday, October 31, is the deadline for midterm grades to be submitted. Midterm grading will close late Sunday evening.

Final exam schedule

The schedule can be found on http://www.wmich.edu/registrar/finalexam201004.html .

Final exams, as always, are held in the normal classroom, unless other arrangements are made with this office.

Upcoming dates

  • Wednesday, Oct. 27 – Last day for 25% refund for Fall complete withdrawal
  • Sunday, Oct 31 – Midterm grades due
  • Monday, Nov. 1 – fall 2011 schedules available for update
  • Monday, Nov 8 – Last day for students to withdraw from fall
  • Friday, Nov. 19 – fall 2011 schedules due
  • Wednesday, Nov. 24 – Thanksgiving recess begins at noon
  • Monday, Nov. 29 – classes resume
  • Wednesday, Dec. 1 – last day for students to apply for April commencement
  • Dec. 13 -1 7 – final exam week
  • Saturday, Dec. 18 – Commencement
  • Tuesday, Dec. 21 – Grades due by noon

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