Registrar's Notes

September 20, 2010

Fall – midterm grading

A reminder that midterm grading is open, with first work grades encouraged by Oct. 4.

Spring 2011

Although we’ve just begun fall, spring is coming! Spring course offerings will be available for viewing on Monday, October 4, registration opens on Oct. 18.

In preparation for spring registration, consider using the waitlisting option. This option allows students who fulfill all perquisites and restrictions for a course, to put themselves on a waitlist. When a seat opens, the first student on the waitlist will receive an email giving them 24 hours to enroll in that section.

More information for students can be found on http://www.wmich.edu/registrar/registration/waitlisting.html.

More detailed information for staff, including information on the banner forms used to track students on waitlists, can be found on http://www.wmich.edu/registrar/faculty-staff/builders, then click on the link to waitlisting.

Please do note that you cannot add a student to a section when there are students on a waitlist for that section. Once you set up a waitlist and there are students on it, those students have first priority for the section.

Sangren - spring

Also in preparation for spring, we are making some changes to courses assigned to rooms on the south side of Sangren. I do not know how much of an issue construction noise will be in the spring, but just in case, we are moving courses out of this area as possible.

Late withdrawal process

The process which allows students to appeal for a late withdrawal from a course after the semester has ended, has moved to the Ombudsman Office. Please see the website, http://www.wmich.edu/ombudsman for more information.

Textbooks and the HEOA

I’ve been asked by some areas for more information on the new requirement regarding the integration of textbook integration with course offerings, so here’s the background and a link to the HEOA.

The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) of 2008, which came out in Dec. of 2008, included a requirement that institutions of higher education, such as WMU, provide required and recommended textbook information with their published course offering schedules. This integration of textbooks with course registration information is intended to provide students with textbook information, including cost, earlier so that the student can shop for textbooks, will have more time to purchase materials, and so that they will have a better idea of the total cost. Ultimately the goal is to reduce costs of textbooks by providing more options, including used books, rental options, etc.

This requirement of the federal HEOA law went into effect July 1, 2010. What it means for us is that when we publish our course offerings, that is when we open our schedule for viewing for any given semester or session, we must, under federal regulation, provide required and recommended textbook information at the same time.

The full text of the HEOA of 2008, with links to final outcomes of the negotiated rulemaking which has followed the first publication of this act, can be found on http://www2.ed.gov/policy/highered/leg/hea08/index.html.

Please let me know if you have further questions.

Upcoming dates

  • Monday, Sept. 20 – Last day for 50% tuition refund for partial withdrawal
  • Friday, Oct. 1 – Last day for 50% refund for complete withdrawal
  • Monday, Oct 4 – First work grades to be submitted
  • Mon.-Wed., Oct. 18-20 – HLC visit
  • Wednesday, Oct. 27 – Last day for 25% refund for Fall complete withdrawal
  • Sunday, Oct 31 – Midterm grades due
  • Monday, Nov 8 – Last day for students to withdraw from fall



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