Registrar's Notes

October 26, 2009

Midterm grades for fall

Sunday, Nov. 1 is the last day for instructors to submit midterm grades for this fall. As of yesterday, 17,913 midterm grades were given in 653 sections.

Spring 2010 registration

Registration for spring continues, with students having 94 hours or more able to register today. See the priority registration schedule on http://www.wmich.edu/registrar/calendars/timeticketSpring.html.

  • Please do not override level restrictions; contact this office for assistance.
  • Please do not override holds; refer the student to the department which placed the hold.

Looking ahead to fall 2010

Round 1 of fall 2010 will be available for department review beginning this Thursday, Oct. 29. Schedules are due back to the Registrar’s office by the end of the day Wednesday, Nov. 25.

Student systems security reauthorization – coming soon

The semi-annual security reauthorization of all of the University student systems will commence on Monday, November 2, 2009. The end-user letters will go into campus mail on that date. Deadline for return of the signed and reauthorized agreement letters is Friday, November 20, 2009.

The reauthorization will consist of an agreement letter for each user requiring the signature of both the user and the supervisor/chair/dean/director. The agreement letters will be sent in one envelope to the department contact. That person should distribute the letters to the users.

Steps for reauthorization

  • Department contact distributes the agreement letters to the users ASAP.
  • User is responsible for making him/herself aware of the policies found at the links in the agreement letter.
  • User signs agreement, acknowledging responsibility to abide by the policies.
  • User submits agreement letter to supervisor/chair/dean/director. (Note: Anyone in the supervisor chain may reauthorize the end-user.)
  • Supervisor/chair/dean/director reviews access listed for the user to determine if it is still accurate.
  • All changes, except for new accounts, are made on the agreement letter. (See below for new accounts.)
  • Supervisor/chair/dean/director signs agreement letters and returns to Registrar’s Office (address below).
  • All agreement letters must be returned, even if the user is no longer in the department or has left the University. Mark this status on the form and return it. Unreturned forms are considered delinquent.
  • Return to: Kathy Rix, Office of the Registrar (mail stop 5256) by 11/20/09.
  • Users for whom letters are not returned to the Office of the Registrar by the deadline date (11/20/09) will have security access removed.
  • If you have not received anything by noon on Monday, 11/9/09, contact Kathy Rix at kathy.rix@wmich.edu  immediately so that the process can be initiated to get the information to you. Include your department, WIN number and Bronco Net ID in the request. Please, email the request rather than phone.

New accounts

Persons needing a new account must use the access request forms found on GoWMU. They are on the Faculty/Staff tab, My Work channel. A new account WILL NOT be created by writing it on an agreement letter.

Upcoming dates

  • Wednesday, Oct. 28 – Last day for 25% refund for complete withdrawal
  • Sunday, Nov. 1 – Last day to submit midterm grades
  • Nov. 2 – 6 – Final review of Summer I/II schedules
  • Monday, Nov. 9 – Last day students can withdraw from fall classes
  • Wednesday, Nov. 25 – Fall 2010 schedules due in Banner
  • Dec. 14-18 – Final Exam week
  • Saturday, Dec. 19 – Commencement
  • Tuesday, Dec. 22 – Fall grades due by noon

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