Registrar's Notes

September 14, 2009

Drop/add period and 24-hour rule

  • Our drop and add period extends through the first 5 working days of the semester, and thus ends at the end of the day today, Sept. 14. Students can add and drop courses online through 11:59 pm today through GoWMU with no academic or financial penalty.
  • Departments have access to adjust student schedules through Tuesday, Sept. 15.
  • After Tuesday, Sept. 15, students who drop a course will see a ‘W’ on their transcript and any refund will be given according to the refund rules and associated refund dates.
  • The exception is students who have a course which meets for the first time after the drop/add period. Our 24-hour rule states that in this case, students who wish to drop the course have 24 hours to do so. If the course were to be a Friday course, the student could drop through the following Monday. Students wishing to drop a course under these conditions must contact the Registrar’s Office to do so.


Census will be taken at the end of the day tomorrow, Sept. 15 to give us our final and official headcount and credit hour count for this fall semester. In preparation for census, please ensure that all sections have an instructor of record, and also please assist students in registration, especially graduate students in your area, students who may be taking independent study courses, internships, etc. We want to ensure that our census count accurately reflects our student count.


Please encourage instructors to report students registered but not attending or attending but not registered using the link on the Faculty menu in GoWMU.  WMU staff from this office as well as advising staff and Residence Life staff will follow up with students reported as not attending.

Summer I and II 2010 schedules

Round one working reports for Summer I and II 2010 will be ready on Monday. September 14.  They will be due back to this office by 5:00 pm on Monday, September 28.

FERPA reminders

  • DO NOT display student scores or grades publicly in association with names, SSN’s, WIN’s, any part of the SSN or WIN, or other personal identifiers.
  • DO NOT put papers, graded exam books or lab reports containing student names and grades in publicly accessible places. Students are not to have access to the scores and grades of others in the class in ways that allow other students to be identified.
  • DO NOT request student information without a legitimate educational interest and the appropriate authority to do so.
  • DO NOT share student education record information, including grades or GPAs with other faculty or staff members unless their official responsibilities identify their "legitimate educational interest" in that information for that student.
  • DO NOT share information from student education records, including grades or GPA's with parents or others outside the institution, including letters of recommendation, without written permission from the student.
  • DO NOT allow students to grade each other's work when the score will be recorded.
  • DO NOT give out non-directory information such as grades, gpa, etc, over the phone.

Please contact the Registrar’s Office if and when you have any questions regarding whether or not to release student information.

Midterm grading

Midterm grading is open and will remain open through Nov. 1. A grade to reflect a student’s ‘first work’ is encouraged by October 4.

Upcoming dates

  • Monday, Sept. 14 - Last day of drop/adds
  • Tuesday, Sept. 15 – Last day depts have access to adjust student schedules
  • Tuesday, Sept. 15 – Fall census taken at the end of the day
  • Wednesday, Sept. 16 – $100 late add fee begins, withdrawals recorded as ‘W’ on transcript
  • Thursday, Sept. 17 – Last day for 90% refund for complete withdrawal
  • Monday, Sept. 21 – Last day for 50% refund for partial withdrawal
  • Friday, Oct. 2 – Last day for 50% refund for complete withdrawal
  • Wednesday, Oct. 28 – Last day for 25% refund for complete withdrawal
  • Monday, Nov. 9 – Last day students can withdraw from fall classes

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