Registrar's Notes

April 27, 2009


As you know the deadline for submission of spring grades is noon on Tuesday, April 28. We will shut the grading system down shortly after noon to begin the grade roll process. When this is complete, the system will reopen and students will be able to view their grades through GoWMU. I expect this will be late afternoon, probably sometime after 5:00 pm. After this time, any grades submitted will be available for student view the following day.

Please remember that it is very important to students that they do receive their grades on Tuesday. Financial aid, scholarships, and graduation can all be affected when grades are not submitted by the deadline.

And also remember that all enrolled students need to receive a grade, including students in independent research, thesis and dissertation credits.

Registration and Scheduling dates for next year

Looking ahead to next year, the list of important scheduling and registration dates for the upcoming year are now posted on the Registrar’s website, on the calendar page. Or to go directly, ImportantDates 2009-10

Registration for fall-cognos reports

As you monitor fall enrollment in your courses, remember two cognos reports. Located in the Registration Audit folder, the two reports are ‘Closed Sections’ and ‘Registration Audit’.

The first report, ‘Closed Sections’ gives list of all unique failed registration attempts for sections by subject.  The prompts to run this report are term, then subject.

The second report, ‘Registration Audit’, generates a list of all unique registration errors for each section. These include prereq errors, time conflicts, and duplicate course errors.

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