Registrar's Notes

November 3, 2008

Last day to withdraw

Today is the last day students can withdraw from fall courses through GoWMU. The direct link is gowmu.wmich.edu. Withdrawals can be processed by students until 11:59 pm this evening. Students who withdraw will have a ‘W’ recorded on their transcript for that course.

After today, students wishing to withdraw from a fall course will need the signature of their instructor on the late drop(withdrawal) form. As the form states:

“Students who wish to drop a course after the Monday of the tenth week in the Fall/Spring semesters and after the fifth week of Summer I/Summer II sessions because of a genuine hardship (i.e., illness, death in the immediate family) must obtain the approval of the instructor. Students must be passing the course and provide supporting documentation. Note: A grade of “W” will appear on your transcript. Return completed form to the Office of the Registrar. “

This form can be found on: www.wmich.edu/registrar/pdf/forms/latedrop.pdf

Open Learning Courses

I want to make you aware that open learning courses will be offered again beginning this Spring 2009 semester.  These are the 'open-entry/open exit' courses similar to the very old SIP courses, and similar to the Individual Learning (IL) courses we implemented in 2005 with the move to Banner. Two sections will be opening soon for registration (ADA 2250 and ADA 3200) with more courses to follow.    Open learning courses are set up differently than traditional semester based courses.  Some important differences include:

  • Registration for Open Learning courses will be available at the start of registration and students have the ability to register for these courses up until the last day of the semester.   Registration can be done through GoWMU which will be available for open learning registration through the entire semester.  
  • When registering, students select the date they wish to start the course.   Valid start dates range from the first day of the term up until the last day of the term.
  • Students have 6 months to complete an open learning course.
  • Open Learning sections have a unique campus code of OLO so they can be easily found by selecting that campus in a course search.  
  • Open learning sections have their own refund structure which is as follows:  Day 1-8 – 100% refund, Day 9-30 – 50% refund, Day 31-120 – no refund.  Students are not permitted to withdraw after day 120.
  • International Students and students receiving financial aid should consult with the respective offices before registering to see what impact open learning registration could have on their Immigration status or financial aid eligibility.
  • Tuition for open learning courses will be assessed at the EUP rate and are not part of the flat rate.

At some point in the near future, the intent is to make open learning sections available to students not currently at WMU.   Questions on open learning can be directed to Teri Cleveland in Online Education at 7-4199.

FERPA question of the week:

TRUE or FALSE?  FERPA rights for students under 18, who attend WMU, are different that those who are 18.

December commencement

Currently there are 2065 students eligible for graduation this December, including 512, graduate students, 1461 undergraduates, and 11 students seeking graduate certificates. More commencement information can be found on the commencement website: www.wmich.edu/commencement.

Upcoming Dates

  • November 3 – last day to withdraw from fall courses
  • November 3-7 – final review of Summer I/II schedules
  • November 7 – Summer I/II schedules due in Registrar’s Office by 5:00 pm
  • November 26 – Thanksgiving recess begins at noon.
  • November 26 – Fall 2009 schedules due
  • December 1 – classes resume
  • December 8-12 – final exam week
  • December 13 – Commencement
  • December 16 – grades due at noon

FERPA answer:

False. FERPA rights transfer to the student when the student attends an institution of higher education; the age does not matter.

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