Registrar's Notes

September 22, 2008

Spring 2009

Schedules of course offerings for Spring 2009 are now available for viewing, as of this morning. They are available through GoWMU, or on  wmich.edu/classlookup.

Registration for Spring classes will begin on October 20th, as earlier announced. The priority schedule for registration can be found on wmich.edu/registrar/timeticket.html.

Summer I/II 2009

Work on Summer I/II schedules for 2009 is underway, with schedules due back in the Registrar’s Office on September 29th, by 5:00 pm. Please note that this is the same time period as last year when round 1 of Summer scheduling ran from Sept. 17 to Oct. 1.

As you work on Summer schedules, please remember to follow the matrix for start and end class times, and to ensure that all courses begin and end within a session.

Finals week

As you look ahead towards the end of the fall semester, note that final exam times can be found on the Registrar’s website, wmich.edu/registrar/finalexam.html.

Also, note that final exams are scheduled in two hour blocks; students may have another final in the next time slot, so finals need to end within the time frame allotted.

Graduate Program dismissals

If your department has graduate programs, please remember that when you dismiss a student from one of your graduate programs, a copy of that dismissal letter needs to come to the Registrar’s Office. First, a copy will be put in the student’s file in this office, and second, we will change the student’s program code to indicate that they are no longer in that program of study. The program code will become the G-GNA-NDG code, meaning that the student has permission to take graduate courses here, but is not admitted to a particular program.

Millennials – did you know?

The Millennials include those born after 1980, primarily they are children of the Baby Boomer generation. Those in the Freshman class of 2008 were born in 1989/1990. They have been identified as having seven basic attributes:

  • Special
  • Sheltered
  • Confident
  • Team oriented
  • Conventional
  • Pressured
  • Achieving

Upcoming Dates

  • September 22 – Spring 2009 schedule open for viewing
  • September 26 – Last day for 50% refund for complete withdrawal
  • September 29 – Summer I/II 2009 schedules due in Registrar’s Office
  • October 4 - Homecoming
  • October 6 – midterm grading opens
  • October 22 – Last day for 25% refund for complete withdrawal
  • November 3 – last day to withdraw from fall courses

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