Registrar's Notes

June 30, 2008


Approximately 1400 students were eligible to graduate this past Saturday. Both ceremonies were well attended by students and their families. We will begin awarding degrees for these students on Wednesday, after grades for Summer I have been submitted.

Summer II

Census for Summer II will be taken at the end of the day, Thursday, July 3rd. Please ensure that students are registered by then, so that our census count is as accurate as possible. Thursday will be the last day departments will be able to add students to Summer II courses.

Also, please remind instructors to let us know of any students registered not attending, or any students who are attending but not on the class list. Such notification is through email, REG-student-attend@wmich.edu.

And, all sections for Summer II must have an instructor of record listed by the end of the day Thursday.

Grading – Summer I

Grades for Summer I should be submitted by noon on Tuesday. At noon, we will close the grading portion of Banner. During this time, we are moving grades to academic history, updating gpa’s and academic standing. As soon as these processes are complete, the system will be re-opened at which time students will be able to view their grades. I expect that this will be by early evening, approximately 6:00 pm.

As always, please be aware that it is very important to students that they receive their grades on Tuesday. The only exception should be a case where a student is working to complete work in the course; instead of giving an ‘I’, if the work will be completed within 30 days, the instructor can leave the grade blank.

July 4th recess

A reminder that WMU will be closed for the July 4th holiday this Friday!

Upcoming dates

  • July1 – Summer I grades due at noon
  • July 2 – Last day of drop/adds for Summer II
  • July3 – Last day departments have access to adjust Summer II schedules
  • July 3 – census for Summer II
  • July 4 – Fourth of July recess, no classes
  • July 8 – Last day students can receive 50% tuition refund for complete withdrawal from Summer II courses
  • July 21 – Last day students can receive 25% refund for complete withdrawal from Summer II courses
  • July 21 – Last day students can withdraw from Summer II courses.
  • August 1 – Last day students can apply for December graduation
  • August 15 – Summer II session ends
  • August 19 – Summer II grades due at noon

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