Registrar's Notes

June 9, 2008

This week begins with the fourth group of incoming freshmen coming to campus for Orientation. Three additional groups will be on campus the remainder of the week, as WMU hosts 4 back-to-back groups this second week of June. At this point, about 3500 students have registered for the 14 June Orientation sessions.

Undergraduate catalog

The 2008-2009 undergraduate catalog is now available online. Previous catalogs are still available online as archived catalogs, use the drop-down menu at the top of the page to select the catalog you wish to view.

Note the new ‘Quick Links’ option on the left-hand menu, this page will take you quickly to important policy pages within the catalog, such as grading, repeat policy, academic honesty, etc. The new graduate catalog will be available soon.

SFAREGS change

Any change made to a student’s registration, either drops or adds, need to made through the Registrar’s Office after census date for any semester or session. You will still be able to view the SFAREGS screen, but you will get a popup message that indicates these changes need to made through this office. This does not affect pre-registration for any future term. Please contact either Kathy Rix, or myself with any questions.

Withdrawals from Summer I courses

At this point in the session, students wanting a ‘late drop/withdrawal’ from a Summer I course need to complete the late drop form. This form requires approval of the instructor, then can be processed in the Registrar’s Office. Note that the criteria are: Students who wish to drop a course after the Monday of the tenth week in the Fall/Spring semesters and after the fifth week of Summer I/Summer II sessions because of a genuine hardship (i.e., illness, death in the immediate family) must obtain the approval of the instructor. Students must be passing the course and provide supporting documentation.

Upcoming Dates

  • June 9 - Spring 2009 master schedule due on Student Information System by departments. Galley corrections due a Registrar's Office
  • June 25 – Summer I classes end
  • June 26 – Summer II classes begin at 8:00 am
  • June 28 - Commencement
  • July1 – Summer I grades due at noon
  • July 2 – Last day of drop/adds for Summer II
  • July 4 – Fourth of July recess, no classes
  • July 8 – Last day students can receive 50% tuition refund for complete withdrawal from Summer II courses
  • July 21 – Last day students can receive 25% refund for complete withdrawal from Summer II courses
  • July 21 – Last day students can withdraw from Summer II courses.
  • August 1 – Last day students can apply for December graduation
  • August 15 – Summer II session ends
  • August 19 – Summer II grades due at noon.

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