Registrar's Notes

February 25, 2008

Midterm grading update

As of this morning, 2,833 midterm grades had been given in 75 sections. Midterm grading will remain open through Sunday, March 9th. Please see the Registrar’s website, www.wmich.edu/registrar/midterm-grading.html for more information, or call 387-4310.

Midterm grading reports can be accessed through Cognos in the midterm grading folder.

Fall Registration

Fall registration booklets have arrived and are being distributed across campus. If you need more, please contact Laura Thomas, laura.thomas@wmich.edu. There is also a pdf version of both summer and fall booklets on the Registrar’s website.

Fall registration opens on Monday, March 17th.

FERPA question of the week

Multiple choice:
Which of the following is not identified as part of directory information at WMU?
a. name
b. date of birth
c. WMU email address
d. dates of attendance at WMU

Upcoming Dates

Feb. 18 –March 9 – Midterm grading open
Feb. 29, 2008 – Spirit Day, no classes
March 3, 2008 – Spring Break Begins
March 10, 2008 – Classes resume
March 17, 2008 – Last day for students to withdraw from Spring 2008 courses
March 17, 2008 – Registration for Fall 2008 opens
April 21 – 25 – Final exam week
April 26 – Commencement
April 29 – Grades due at noon.

FERPA answer

b. date of birth. Although date of birth can be part of directory information under FERPA regulations, WMU has removed this item, which means that a student’s date of birth can only be released to a third party with the students’ written permission.

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