What’s new for Fall 2007

For Faculty

I.   Bronco Fix-It for Classrooms

A new online service from WMU’s Physical Plant gives instructors one place to go for all classroom issues.  Instructors should go to: broncofixit.pp.wmich.edu/classroom.html  for classroom related problems and concerns. This site contains information on who to contact for:

  • A maintenance emergency
  • A problem with classroom technology
  • A locked classroom
  • Other maintenance requests

Phone numbers, which will always be answered by a person, are provided in case of maintenance emergencies or a locked classroom.  Maintenance emergencies are conditions such as:  no power, noisy heating unit, water flooding, etc.

Phone numbers for assistance with classroom technology issues are also included.

Other non-emergency maintenance requests, including such issues as insufficient number of chairs, broken tables or chairs, burned out light bulbs, etc., can be reported using the online form found on this site.  Follow the directions on this site to identify the building, the room, and the issue.  Instructors reporting maintenance issues will receive a confirmation email, as well as notification when the work has been completed.  In addition, instructors can track the status of all reported issues through this site.  The Physical Plant Service Center will prioritize all reported issues and will work with maintenance to expedite all repairs.

A poster has been placed in each classroom providing appropriate phone numbers as well as the address for this website. A link to the website can be found on the Registrar’s website, look for the classroom fix it icon on the right hand side!

II.   Catalogs

The 2007-08 versions of both the Undergraduate and Graduate catalogs can be found on: catalog.wmich.edu. Note that the previous catalogs, for 2006-07, are also available on this site. Use the drop down menu at the top to choose the catalog you wish to view.

III.   Dean’s List

An online, searchable, Dean’s List is now available on the Registrar’s website. See the Registrar’s website, www.wmich.edu/registrar or go directly to the List:  www.wmich.edu/registrar/deans-list/index.php. The Dean’s List for each semester will be available on this site for one year.

For Students

I.   Authorized user access

A new service for students is now available through GoWMU.  WMU students now have the ability to grant view access to third party individuals (such as parents, spouses, or others) to view certain academic and financial aid information. In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), student financial and academic records may not be shared with a third party without written consent. Note that:

  • Access to this information can only be granted by the student.
  • The student has the right to revoke this access at anytime.
  • The student can grant access to multiple authorized users.
  • The student can grant access to one or more items; this access can be different for different authorized users.
  • This access is between the student and the authorized user; it does not give University faculty or staff permission to release information.
  • Adding an authorized user is considered written consent that the authorized user may view certain academic and financial aid information as well as make payments on behalf of the student.

The new information the student can grant view access to includes the following:

  • Enrollment Verification
  • Midterm Grades
  • Final Grades
  • Schedule of Classes
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • Financial Aid Requirements
  • Financial Aid Awards for Aid Year
  • Financial Aid Payment Schedule

Information for students can be found on .../registrar/pdf/authorizeduser_student-instructions.pdf.

Information for authorized users can be found on .../registrar/pdf/authorizeduser_thirdparty-instructions.pdf.

II.   CAPP, the online degree audit system

The online degree audit system became available to undergraduate students this summer. This new feature allows students under the fall 2004 or later catalog to do their own unofficial degree audit. Students can also do ‘what-if’ analyses to identify changes in their requirements when and if they were to change programs.

III.   Online transcript request

Current WMU students are now able to request official transcripts online, through GoWMU. The link for the transcript request form can be found in the My Self Service channel on the Student tab.

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