Registrar's Notes

December 3, 2007

Grading for Fall 2007

As we approach the deadline for fall grades, noon on Tuesday, December 18th, it’s important to realize that students are waiting and anxious to see their grades.  There is always a very large spike in the numbers of students in GoWMU when grades become available on the afternoon of grade day. Please also realize that we are awarding degrees from the December class and need all their grades to do so. International students can face immigration and visa issues with null, unreported grades.

Please remind all instructors that it is critical, for our students’ sakes, that grades be turned in by the deadline.

Having said that, also know that in cases where a student has a small amount of work to complete the course, and is expected to complete that work within 30 days, leaving the grade unreported is appropriate.

Commencement – Saturday, December 15, 2007

Three ceremonies will be held this December, with the following schedule:



9 a.m.

Haworth College of Business
College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
College of Fine Arts


College of Education
Extended University Programs
College of Aviation

3 p.m.

College of Arts and Sciences
College of Health and Human Services

For more information, see www.wmich.edu/commencement.  We look forward to seeing you there!

FERPA question of the week

Is an individual who has applied for admission to a college a student of that college for purposes of FERPA?

How long should student exams and graded work be kept?

From the 2007-2008 undergraduate catalog:
“Students have the right to have all their examinations and other graded material made available to them with an explanation of the grading criteria. Faculty will retain all such materials not returned to the student for at least one full semester (or through spring plus summer sessions) after the course was given. Faculty are not required to return such material to the student, but must provide reasonable access.”

To find this statement in the catalog, click on Academic Policies on the left menu, then click on Student Rights and Responsibilities.  Then scroll down to Academic Rights under Student Rights; this is item #5.

If departments have faculty, instructors or graduate teaching assistants who will not be returning in January, please have those instructors leave all unreturned student materials, as well as their grade book, with the department office. This provides information in cases where a student questions a grade or needs to make up an incomplete.

One-stop for Spring 2008

There will again be a temporary One-Stop Convenience center for students at the start of the Spring 2008 semester. The One-Stop will be open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, January 7-9 and provides students the opportunity to take care of many business needs in one location.  For more information, and specific times, see: www.wmich.edu/registrar/onestop/index.html.

FERPA answer

No, an individual does not become a "student" of a college simply by virtue of applying for admission. An applicant becomes a student entitled to assert FERPA rights only upon acceptance and enrollment.

Updates on software

This weekend a new version of Touchnet, the payment gateway was installed. Students and authorized users should see little change in the process of accessing and processing payment information.

Coming in early February, we will be moving to version 7.5 of Banner. This newer version has some changes in the format of some forms, there are more tabbed forms, but other than that most users will not see many changes. More information will be coming.

Banner 8.0 will be released in April 2008, we will then begin looking at the changes and the documentation but will not move to this new version until late in 2008 or early 2009.

Upcoming dates:

Monday, Dec. 10 - Final exam week begins
Saturday, Dec. 15 – Commencement
Tuesday, Dec. 18 – Grades due by noon
Monday, Jan. 7, 2008 – Spring classes begin at 8:00 am

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