Registrar's Notes

October 8, 2007

Spring 2008

Registration for Spring begins on October 22nd.  See: www.wmich.edu/registrar/timeticket.html for the registration priority schedule.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction is offered and has been scheduled for some courses for this fall.  See the website, www.wmich.edu/asc/schedules/sischedule.html for the complete schedule.

FERPA question of the week

True or False ? A former student has the same right to inspect and review his or her record as a student who is currently attending WMU.

Upcoming dates

Monday, Oct. 15, Midterm grading opens
Monday, Oct. 22 – Spring 2008 registration opens
Friday, Oct. 26 – Last day for instructors to enter midterm grades
Monday, Oct. 29 – Fall 2008 schedules available to depts. for update
Monday, Nov. 5 - last day for students to withdraw for Fall 2007.

FERPA answer

True. Students who have ceased attendance or have graduated from WMU have basically the same FERPA rights as students currently attending, including the right to inspect their education records, have a hearing to amend an education record, and have their education record privacy protected by the institution.

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