Registrar's Notes

September 17, 2007

Progress to Degree, CAPP

Undergraduate students at WMU now have a way to see which degree requirements they have met and which ones they have yet to meet.  CAPP (Curriculum Advising and Program Planning) or Progress to Degree is the module in our student information system that allows students a way to track their progress toward degree completion. The system uses the student’s academic information and compares that against the requirements of the student’s chosen program and shows the student just where they are in fulfilling those requirements.  The module is currently available to undergraduate students through GOWMU using the link Progress to Degree.  Presently, CAPP is only available for undergraduates but should be available for graduate students in the next few months. CAPP programs are built effective with the Fall 2004 catalog.

This system also provides all undergraduate students with the ability to do a ‘what-if‘ analysis. A student thinking about a change in major or minor can now use CAPP to see what additional requirements would need to be met if the student were to make the change.

Progress to Degree is also available for advisors through the Advisor menu on GoWMU.  Advisors can view the information in various ways.  The Detail Requirements view is the cleanest and gives the best information in the most direct way. There is also an Additional Information view that shows transfer courses that have been taken but not applied to specific requirements. 

Note that this system will not take the place of our official graduation audits.  All compliances run in CAPP by students and advisors are clearly marked as ‘unofficial’.

A special email address has been set up in the Registrar’s Office to provide students, faculty and staff with a place to address any questions on CAPP, Registrar-Progress@wmich.edu .

This very powerful tool now places a great deal of information directly in our students’ hands.  I appreciate the support and assistance given by advisors and department staff during the last year and a half as we built all the undergraduate program requirements.  We would be happy to show this system to Faculty, Staff or Student groups, please contact either Carrie Cumming (carrie.cumming@wmich.edu) or Michele McLaughlin, (michele.mclaughlin@wmich.edu) if you’d like to schedule a departmental demonstration or training in the new Progress to Degree tool.

Students not attending

Instructors are asked to report students not attending using the REG-Student-Attend@wmich.edu email address. Staff in this office will attempt to contact the student and resolve any registration issues.

Reminder on schedule workshops

Workshops on course scheduling will be held in 2250 Schneider this week:

Monday, Sept. 17:        8:30-11:30 am
Tuesday, Sept 18:        1:30-4:30 pm
Wednesday, Sept 19    8:30-11:30 am

Upcoming Dates

  • Monday, Sept. 17 – Summer I and II, 2008 schedules available to Departments to begin updates.
  • Monday, Oct. 1 – Summer I and II, 2008 schedules due on Banner
  • Wednesday, Oct. 10 – Spring 2008 schedules available for student viewing.
  • Monday, Oct. 22 – Spring 2008 registration opens.

FERPA question of the week:  True or False ?

Faculty have a right to inspect education records of any student attending WMU without giving a reason.

Banner online help

A reminder that Banner online help is now available. From the main Banner screen, click on ‘Help Center’ on the top right for information on Banner modules.  Note that we use Banner General and Banner Student primarily.  Also from any form in Banner, click on the ‘Help’ menu, then on the first item under help, ‘Online help’ for information on the form that you are currently on.

FERPA answer

False.  All faculty and staff must have a ‘legitimate educational interest/need to know” within the context of their role to have appropriate access to student’s education records.

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