Registrar's Notes

July 2, 2007

Summer I grading

  • Grades for Summer I are our highest priority this week.  As usual, grades are due by noon tomorrow, July 3rd.  We will close the system shortly after noon to run the grade processing.  When this is completed, students will be able to view their grades online and the system will be available again for any instructors who did not submit grades by noon.
  • Grades should be available for student viewing by 5:00 pm on Tuesday.
  • Grading for Summer I will be open for approximately 30 days.

Grading reminders

The ‘X’ grade

The symbol "X'' is used to indicate that a student has never attended class or has discontinued attendance and does not qualify for the grade of " I.'' The "X'' will be computed into the student's grade point average, as a 0.0, the same as an 'E'.

The Incomplete grade

This is a temporary grade, which the instructor may give to an undergraduate student when illness, necessary absence, or other reasons beyond the control of the student prevent completion of course requirements by the end of the semester or session. The grade of "I'' (Incomplete) may not be given as a substitute for a failing grade.
A grade of "I'' must be removed by the instructor who gave it or, in exceptional circumstances, by the department chairperson. If the unfinished work is not completed and the "I'' grade removed within one calendar year of the assignment of the "I,'' the grade shall be converted to an "E'' (failure). Students who receive an incomplete grade in a course must not reregister for the course in order to remove the "I.''

Students not attending

Please remind faculty teaching this summer to let us know of students not attending their course.  Faculty should provide this information to the Registrar’s Office using the REG-Student-Attend email address. 

Other items

July 5 – End of drop/adds for Summer II

July 6 – Last day departments have access to update student schedules for Summer II.

July 23 – Final round for Spring 2008 schedules.

August 1 – Deadline for students to apply for December 2007 graduation.


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