Registrar's Notes

May 21, 2007

SIS security changes

1.    Maximum Sessions Exceeded Messages

As of May 29, 2007, session limitations will be instituted in the SIS database. OIT has conducted studies that have determined the appropriate amount of sessions for users. These are the limitations that will be used.

What is a session? Every time you log into Internet Native Banner (INB) you create what is called a session. Some processes performed in INB create additional sessions behind the scenes.

When you try to open INB multiple times, or if you are trying to run a process, and you have reached your session limitation you will get the message in the box below. All that is required is that you close some of your INB windows.

If you find you get the above message frequently in the normal course of your duties, contact your security officer, as listed below, to request that your limit be raised. Be advised that justification for the increase in sessions will be required.

If you are in Academic Affairs, contact Kathy Rix, kathy.rix@wmich.edu

If you are in a Business Office, contact Sheila Atherton, sheila.atherton@wmich.edu

If you are in Financial Aid, or BEST, contact David Ladd, david.ladd@wmich.edu

If you are in Student Affairs, contact Chad Stec, chad.stec@wmich.edu

2.    Timeout messages

When you have 30 minutes of inactivity in SIS, you will see the message in the first graphic.

 If you click OK, you will be given the login screen to enter your userid and password to log out. However, there is a simpler way. When you get the message above, go to your task bar and click on the button that says “SCT Internet Native Banner” (or some portion of that).

When the window comes up (it will be white in the middle and brown on the right), click either the refresh icon or the icon that says “Go”. (Screen shots are using IE6.)

The ugly brown screen will return and you will be on able to log back in again, using your id and password. This method avoids opening multiple sessions of SIS and encountering the Maximum Sessions exceeded error (see next page).


 Dean’s list

A new searchable dean’s list can now be found on the Registrar’s web site, go to: http://www.wmich.edu/registrar.  On this site, the list can be searched by college, by city, by state, and the list can also be sorted as desired.  Both the Fall 2006 and the Spring 2007 Dean’s lists are available on this site.

Emailing large classes

As a reminder, directions on how to send an email to a large class can be found on:

www.wmich.edu/oit/helpdesk/email/class-ldap.html .

GoWMU changes

As you see, the new portal changes have been implemented.  Faculty, staff and students will find there are fewer clicks required to get to self-service applications.  New directions for viewing/printing class lists, grading, and for registration can be found on the Registrar’s web site.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Spring 2008

As you work on the Spring schedule, please note the schedule matrix which gives approved day/time class combinations.  This matrix can be found on:

www.wmich.edu/registrar/pdf/CMM.pdf for the main campus and

www.wmich.edu/registrar/pdf/CMM-eng.pdf  for the Parkview campus

Upcoming Dates:

June 11 – Spring 2008 schedules due in Registrar’s Office

June 27 – last day of Summer I

June 28 – Summer II session begins at 8:00 am.

July3 – Summer I grades due by noon

July 4 – no classes

July 5 – end of drop/adds for Summer II

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