Registrar's Notes

May 14, 2007

Looking back to Spring 2007, there are still a number of grades outstanding, please encourage all faculty to complete these grades.  Some students are waiting for grades for graduation, financial aid, prerequisites, etc. 

Looking forward to Spring 2008, working reports are ready to be picked up in the Registrar’s Office.  These are due back by June 11th.

Speaking of Summer I, 2007, please ensure that all courses have an instructor of record.  Census for Summer I will be taken at the end of the day on Monday, May 14th, and this is the data that will become part of the permanent record for Summer I.

On Monday, May 21st,  you will see a newly streamlined GoWMU!  Changes will include the elimination of the ‘Home’ tab.  Faculty/staff will be on the ‘Faculty/Staff Home’ tab upon logging into the portal.  Students will enter on the ‘Student Home’ tab.  Links to commonly used applications in self-serve SISwill be in the channel on the top left for Faculty, Staff and Students.  This will allow for easier and faster access to SISwith fewer clicks!  In addition, Faculty and Staff will see a second channel, ‘My Self-Service’ directly below with links to change address/phone information, vehicle registration, webcheck, etc.  All those things we do for ourselves as employees.   All channels in the portal have been reviewed, with the result that quite a few have been eliminated.  You will see a cleaner, easier to navigate portal on the 21st!

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