Registrar's Notes

February 12, 2007

Welcome to Monday!  This weekend the 7.3.1 version of SIS was installed.  Those using certain screens, such as SGASTDN and SFAREGS will see some minor changes.

SIS7.3.1 upgrade changes

The differences in SGASTDN include

  • Instead of one button on the Curricula tab for changing curriculum, there are three buttons.

    • the Replace button is used to change a curriculum

    • the Update button is used for making corrections to a record, such as inactivating a program, correcting a campus code, or changing a catalog term.  This button replaces the need to Insert/Duplicate.

    • the Duplicate button is used when adding an additional program(s).

  • When you inactivate a program, the curriculum status of the inactive record, reads CHANGED.  This is on the Field of Study tab.

  • On the Field of Study tab, Type and Priority fields have been reversed with the Type now coming first.

  • When adding a minor, the priority number will default in as one-up from the last record.

  • On the Field of Study tab, the Inactivate button has been moved to the top of the block, and duplicate occurrences of the button have been removed.

  • In viewing all curriculum records, you will see that inactive minor has a status of REMOVED.

On SFAREGS you will see two new columns titled "Count in Attempted Hours" and "Count in Time Status".  Neither of these fields can be changed by the user.

The "Count in Attempted Hours" field will be checked for all registration codes except the drop codes.  This new field allows us to count "W" codes in Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) calculations, but not in full or part time status counts.

The "Count in Time Status" field will only be checked for the registered codes, RE and RW.  It does mean that the section will be counted toward full or part-time status if checked.

Please contact the Registrar's Office at 387-4310 if you have questions on any of these changes.

Upcoming Dates

February 19 - Registration for Summer I and II opens at 8:00 am
February 19 - Grading for midterms will open, and will stay open thru March 2nd.
            (See midterm grading for more information.)
March 5 - Fall 2007 schedule viewing will open
March 19 - Registration for Fall 2007 will open
March 19 - Last day to withdraw for Spring 2007.
            (Students can withdraw through GoWMU through 11:59 pm on the 19th.)

April 2007 Commencement

The schedule has now been set:

  • 9:00 am - The Colleges of Business and Aviation

  • 12:00 am - The College of Education and Extended University Programs

  • 3:00 pm - The Colleges of Health & Human Services, Fine Arts and > Engineering & Applied Sciences.

  • 6:00 pm - The College of Arts & Sciences

See the commencement web site, http://www.wmich.edu/commencement for more information.

Students not attending

As of last week, over 200 students were reported to this office as either on the class list and not attending, or attending but not on the class list. We have resolved about 1/3 of these situations, and are continuing to contact the students we have not yet reached. Please remind your faculty to use the email, REG-Student-Attend, to report any student attendance issues.

Advisor reminder

If you are looking for information on future admits, note that information for a student admitted for a future term will not be available in self-serve until we turn on the viewing for that term.  For example, if the student is admitted for Fall 2007, the student information will not show until we open Fall 2007 for viewing.  All information would be available in Internet Native Banner.

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