Registrar's Notes

January 29, 2007

Midterm grading information

  • Midterm grading will be available to instructors from Monday, February 19th through Friday, March 2nd.

  • As soon as an instructor enters midterm grades and hits the ‘submit' button, those grades will be available to students.  Students will access these grades through the portal and will be able to view them beyond March 2nd.

  • Midterm grades are not part of a student's academic history at WMU. They will not appear on any WMU transcript, nor will they be part of a students gpa at WMU. 

  • Instructors should use the ‘X' grade for students who have never attended, or have stopped attending a course.

  • Those instructors choosing to submit midterm grades should let their students know when they submit the midterms, so that students will know to look for them.

  • Instructors can also let students know that aside from the instructor who submits the grades, academic advisors will also see these midterm grades.

  • If an instructor makes an error in submitting a grade, that grade can be changed online through March 2nd.  No other paperwork is necessary.

  • Instructions on how to submit midterm grades

Fall 2007 schedules

We have found some problems with the Fall 2007 working reports in courses appearing at the end of a page or just after a page break. Please let us know if you see anything that doesn't look right by emailing Georgia, georgia.kerby@wmich.edu

We'll send a message out when there is a new cognos report available.  Regarding room scheduling, we continue to work to resolve all issues.  Please indicate any concerns or requests on the working reports for fall before you return them to this office, this will the most efficient way for us to handle all these issues.

Other items

  • Grading for the Fall 2006 semester has been turned off.  Grades of  ‘I' have been entered for all registered students who did not receive a grade.  Instructors will need to submit a change of grade form to remove the incomplete.

  • There is now a new SISform, WTVMAJR, which lists all major and minor codes, the department and college offering the major or minor and the complete description of the major or minor.

  • When we get late withdrawal appeals from students, we are continuing to send the request for information from the instructor to the department chair.  The reason is just that in many cases the instructor is no longer at WMU (graduate students, part-time instructors, etc.).  If this is the case, the chair just needs to indicate this on the form, sign and return to this office.

  • As you have time, please look at SIAINST in SISto ensure that all instructors teaching in your area have the correct category listed.  The categories include faculty rank, part-time instructor, graduate teaching assistant, etc.

  • Tuition refund appeals should be returned to either Bronco Express in the Bernhard Center, or the Accounting Office in 1080 Siebert.  The form is: http://www.wmich.edu/finaid/PDF/2006-2007/P-6TREFAppealform.pdf

  • Current students can now request official transcripts online!  The request form is in SSB, under the Academic Services link.

Upcoming dates

  • Wednesday, January 31, Fall final schedules are due in Registrar's Office by 5:00 pm.

  • Monday, February 5, Summer schedules will be available for viewing through GoWMU.

  • Monday, February 19, Registration opens for Summer 2007

  • Monday, February 19, Midterm grading for this Spring opens


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