Registrar's Notes

October 30 , 2006

It's that time of year again, I hope everyone enjoyed the extra hour this weekend!

Midterm Grades

Midterm grading continues through 5:00 pm today. Students will continue to be able to see their midterm grades beyond today. As of Friday, there were 184 sections which had midterm grades submitted. Any questions regarding midterm grading should be directed to the Registrar's Office, please call 387-4310.

Classroom Space

Classroom space continues to be very tight for Spring 2007. If there are needs for classroom changes, we'll do the very best we can to schedule your courses in the most appropriate space. We do appreciate your understanding as options at certain times are very limited. And as you did for this fall, please be aware of room capacities before raising caps on sections for Spring 2007 sections.

Final Exams

Final exams for this fall are just around the corner, please note the contract language regarding final exams:

38.3 FINAL EXAMINATIONS. In every class taught, all faculty shall give a final examination, i.e., some form of comprehensive evaluative academic exercise appropriate to the course content and according to the published schedule of examinations, during the last week of the semester (which shall be set aside for final examinations), or at or near the scheduled conclusion of the session. The final evaluative exercise may be distributed before the time scheduled for the final exam providing that it is due and collected on the day during the final week of the semester on which the final exam has been scheduled. Exceptions to the requirement of scheduling a final examination (or other appropriate evaluative activity) may be granted, in writing, at the discretion of the appropriate chairperson and/or dean, upon request from the faculty member.

The final exam schedule was published in the registration booklet for this Fall 2006 semester and can also be found on: www.wmich.edu/registrar/finalexam.html.

Please remind all instructors that final exams are held in the normal assigned classroom and that this schedule of days/times must be followed. Any questions regarding the schedule should be directed to 387-4310.

Part-time instructors and other new instructors often have a variety of questions regarding teaching at WMU. Answers to many of these commonly asked questions by new instructors can be found on www.wmich.edu/registrar/faq-pt-instructors.html. This list includes a short list of questions at the end of the document which can be customized by the department. Thanks to Jeanine Bartholomew, Health and Human Services, for compiling and sharing this information!

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