Registrar's Notes

October 2, 2006

Spring 2007

Although we have just begun the Fall semester, Spring is just around the corner. Please note the following dates regarding Spring 2007 registration:

  • Oct. 9 - Begin distribution of the Spring 2007 registration booklet across campus
  • Oct. 11 - Spring 2007 schedule available for viewing in the portal
  • Oct. 23 - Spring 2007 registration opens


From Friday morning, October 6, until Tuesday, October 10, there will be no access to either Internet Native Banner or Self-Serve SIS thru the portal.

Training continues on Banner 7.3, please see the bannertraining site for times, days and locations.

Policy on viewing SSN's in SIS- Overview

Beginning with the upgrade to Banner 7.3, the social security number field will be masked so that it cannot be seen. Personnel will be granted access to this field only if it is needed as a function of their duties. An initial list of these names and IDs has been developed. After the initial setup, anyone requiring access to this field must meet the criteria listed in the policy and follow the steps listed in the procedures.


Access to the field displaying the social security number in the student information system (SIS) will be restricted to personnel whose performance of duties requires that field. A list of areas requiring such access is listed below.

  • To perform record matching.
  • When working with information from federal/state/local agencies or organizations that use the social security number as the key.
  • When working with insurance or medical records.
  • When working with collections.
  • When working with educational records and/or testing documents received from outside entities.
  • When entering admissions applications.
  • When working with any third party entity that uses the social security number as the key for the record.

Generally, access to the field containing the social security number in the student information system will not be provided to departments for the specific purpose of obtaining social security numbers in order to complete the hiring process. In those instances, departments should obtain the social security number from the prospective employee. This policy does not restrict access to the field containing the social security number by employees in the human resources department, the payroll department, accounts receivables, or other units where the employee's work fits into one of the above categories.

Personnel with access to the field displaying the social security number shall not divulge that information to another person. If someone is requesting the information he/she should be directed to the appropriate security officer for the area. Also, personnel with access to the field displaying the social security number shall abide by the University's SSN policy as posted on the Human Resources website.

The form to request access can be found on:www.wmich.edu/registrar/pdf/SSN_Access_Policy.pdf

FERPA issues - please DO NOT:

  • Use any part of the SSN or WIN to post grades.
  • Leave grades, tests, or any other graded course materials, available in a public place for students to pick up.
  • Circulate a printed class list with student name and WIN.
  • Give out a student's class schedule.
  • Provide anyone with a list of students in your class
  • Include confidential information (grades, gpa, # of credit hours) in a letter of recommendation without the written consent of the student. <>

It's a good time to remind instructors of FERPA regulations. Please call this office, 387-4310, with any questions regarding what information can or cannot be divulged.

And remember, when in doubt, don't give it out!

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