Registrar's Notes

May 22, 2006

Summer I items of interest

  • The official Summer I census count is 9,000 enrolled students.
  • May 29th is the Memorial Day recess, no classes.
  • June 5th is the last day students can withdraw from Summer I classes.
  • June 28th is the last day of Summer I.
  • July 1st is Commencement.
  • July 3rd is grade day - note that it's a Monday.

Fall 2006

As we move toward thinking about fall, there may well be new instructors teaching, so to review the process for getting WIN's for new instructors:

  • When a new part-time instructor is hired, forward a copy of the I-9 to this office and we will create the general person records to get the person into SIS. Then office staff can assign a section or sections to this instructor.

  • When a new faculty member (including a chair or dean) is hired, a P-008 is completed by the department and sent to the respective dean's office and then on to the Provost's office. Once that P-008 is received by the Provost's office, a copy is brought to the Registrar's office for creation of the WIN. At that point, the SPAIDEN, SPAPERS and SIAINST records are created. This procedure applies only to board-appointed hires.

SIS7 update:

Work continues as we move closer to the SIS7 update. Again, the weekend of Oct. 6-8, we will be implementing the new version of SIS. There are some improved features, including improved and easier navigation. A feature many of us will appreciate is the ability, very easily, to change the colors of SIS, so that we can all use SISin whatever colors are best for us! Additionally, the F5 key will bring up the direct access box from any form on SISmaking it easier to move from form to form.

Orientation begins on June 5th, with the first group of students and parents checking in around noon. More information on this summer's orientation schedule can be found on: www.wmich.edu/admissions/parents/docs/OrientationStudentSchedule.pdf

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