Registrar's Notes

March 6, 2006

Welcome back, I hope that you found some time for rest and relaxation during the break!

Registration for Summer I and II continues with Juniors eligible to register beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, March 7th.

Fall registration

Graduate students March 27
Athletes, Honors, RA's March 28
Seniors (122.000) March 29
Seniors (111.000) March 30
Seniors (104.000) March 31
Seniors (97.000) April 3
Seniors (88.000) April 4
Juniors (80.000) April 5
Juniors (72.000) April 6
Juniors (64.000) April 7
Juniors (56.000) April 10
Sophomores (46.000) April 11
Sophomores (40.000) April 12
Sophomores (26.000) April 13
Freshman (15.000) April 17
Freshman (11.000) April 18
Freshman (0.000) April 19

The schedule offerings for Fall will be available for students to view in SISthrough the portal beginning Monday, March 13th. A booklet containing registration instructions, important dates, the final exam schedule and other information is being printed and will be distributed prior to the start of registration on the 27th.

Room Assignments

We are still working on room assignments for fall, so you may continue to see room changes. As we look toward the start of registration, please pay close attention to room capacities if you overload any sections. If there is a need to overload beyond the capacity of the room assigned, please check with this office first to ensure that there is a room large enough to accommodate the larger capacity.

Classroom Technology

Upgrades will begin this Summer; the plan is to complete upgrades for the first 40 classrooms on the list by the end of the summer. The list can be found on http://www.atis.wmich.edu/faculty/classroom-technology/index.html. Those teaching in any of these first 40 rooms will be moved out of the rooms for the 3 to 4 days it will take to complete the upgrade. We are working on alternate locations, and will let departments know ahead of time where the classes involved will meet. I know this will create some inconvenience, but summer is the best time to accomplish this given our room stress for fall, and the results will be beneficial to faculty and students.


We will be live in SIS7 in October prior to the start of registration for Spring 2007. One of the enhancements to version 7 is a tabbed interface on some forms rather than the current window appearance. Tabs allow the user to navigate between blocks easily by clicking on the tabs; the next block and previous block functions will still be there. The tabs also show clearly what the next blocks are on a particular form. Commonly used forms that will have this tabbed interface include SPAIDEN, SGASTDN, SFAREGS, SHADEGR.

There will be some online tutorials available soon to let you see some of the changes that are coming with SIS7, I'll keep you posted.

Important dates for March:

March 13 - last day to withdraw from Spring 2006 classes
March 13 - online schedule for Fall available for viewing
March 27 - Fall 2006 registration opens

Please remind faculty that grades cannot be posted by SSN or WIN, or by any part of the students SSN or WIN. Faculty needing to post grades can assign random numbers to each student; or the best way is to post using WebCT.

Have a good Monday, and let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

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