Registrar's Notes

January 17, 2006

Welcome back after a long weekend! As you know, today, Tuesday, is clean-up day, so departments can do drop/adds as necessary with no academic or financial penalty to students.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the late add fee of $100 per course is in effect, for students adding a course or courses who are not already registered for a course this semester.

Students wishing to add a class after today need to bring a signed late add form to this office.

Today, January 17th, is also census day for this spring semester.

Fall 2006 schedules

The final review of the Fall 2006 schedules will be February 3rd thru the 10th, with all changes due back in the office on February 10th. This is a change from the previous dates. We are in the process of assigning rooms to fall classes. Due to the upcoming renovations in Brown and parts of Kohrman, room scheduling is very tight for next fall. Please be as flexible as possible during this next year; classroom space will be much more limited than normal. Brown Hall will be unavailable from the end of April until January 2008.

April Graduation

Please note the date and location of the April 2006 graduation,

  • April 29th in University Arena.
  • Times are:
    • 9:00 Arts and Sciences
    • 12:00 Aviation, Engineering and Applied Sciences, Fine Arts, College of Health and Human Services
    • 3:00 Education, EUP
    • 6:00 Business

Details and more information can be found on the commencement website, http://www.wmich.edu/commencement/ .

Summer Graduation

The deadline for students to apply for summer graduation is February 1st. This ceremony will take place in Miller Auditorium on July 1st.

New Process for Schedule Building

In an effort Beginning with Spring 2007, we will not be including sections that are assigned to "NOBLD 00000" in the mass room scheduling. To accomplish this, please do the following. For any section that does not need a room scheduled:

  1. Complete this process only for sections with days and times listed. If there are not scheduled days and times, do not enter a building or room.
  2. On the main screen enter "A" in the Session field. This step must be done every semester/session.
  3. After entering the days and times enter "ASM" in the Sched Entry field. This code will roll the building and room assignment for the next like semester.
  4. Enter "NOBLD" in the Building field. This entry will roll for the next like semester.
  5. Enter "00000" (zeros) in the Room field. This entry will roll for the next like semester.

These steps will notify students looking at the schedule that the section meets somewhere other than on campus, yet will simplify room scheduling tremendously. A reminder will be sent the week we start round 1 for Spring 2007 and these instructions will be included with the round 1 reports.

Other items

Summer I/II registration will open on February 20th. We expect to have the printed schedules available around the first of February, and will open self-serve for viewing at the same time.

Fall registration is scheduled to open on March 27th.

As always, please let me know of any questions, concerns, or comments you may have regarding this office, or SIS.

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