Registrar's Notes

February 14, 2006

Room Scheduling

Although we are only a little over a month into this Spring semester, much of the efforts here are focused on Fall, especially regarding room scheduling. As I've said before, with the coming Brown and Kohrman renovations, classroom space for Fall is extremely tight. Staff here, who have been involved with room scheduling for years, tell me it has never been so tight. At this point, there are no rooms open for Tuesday/Thursday sections, so please, unless you are changing to offer an 8:00 am section, don't plan to open sections on Tuesday/Thursdays. Note that courses must fit within the scheduling matrix.

Please look at your department's offerings for Fall. If there are sections that could be moved from a TR schedule to a MWF, please let me know. Having taught for years here, I well understand the faculty and student preference for a 2-day, Tuesday/Thursday, schedule. However, given the current room constraints, we have no choice but to spread out our offerings over all five days.

If you have conference rooms in your area that would be acceptable rooms for some of your smaller classes, let me know. We are continuing to explore room possibilities. And we will do our very best to ensure that all classes meet in the best room possible. I recognize that all sections may not be assigned to a preferred room, please know that our options are limited. Your cooperation and patience is very much appreciated.

Registration for Summer I and II will open for Graduate students on February 20th. All areas should have received the schedule book by now. The web view is also open for students to search for Summer courses.

Please remind faculty not to post grades by WIN or by any part of the WIN. Faculty using WebCT can post grades thru WebCT. For those not using it, the only option is to generate a random number for each student and post by these numbers.

Looking ahead

WMU will move to version 7 of SISin October, prior to the start of registration for Spring 2007. Staff in OIT are already preparing for this implementation. Staff in functional offices will spend time this summer looking at the changes, testing, and preparing documentation and training materials for staff. While the functionality of SIS7 is not that much different from our current version, some of the forms will have a different look. More information will be coming in future notes.

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