Registrar's Notes

December 4, 2006

Happy Monday, I hope it's a good week for you!


Grading for Fall will be turned on today. Note that the deadline for submission of all fall grades, as usual, is Noon on Tuesday, December 19th. We will begin the process to roll grades to academic history shortly after noon. When this process is complete, which should be by 5:00 pm, students will be able to view their grades through GoWMU.

Any questions regarding the grading process should be directed to the Office of the Registrar, 387-4310.

Commencement - Dec. 16th We have about 2300 students eligible to graduate this December. For more information on times and general commencement information, see the commencement website.

Looking forward to Spring 2007 Current enrollment is 19, 244 for this coming spring, with registration open through Friday, January 12, 2007.

Spring dates

  • Monday, January 8, 2007 - Classes begin at 8:00 am
  • Friday, January 12, 2007 - End of the drop/add period
  • Monday, January 15, 2007 - MLK day, no classes
  • Tuesday, January 16, 2007 - Last day departments can adjust student schedules; also census day
  • Wednesday, January 17, 2007 - Late add fee begins, $100 per course added, for students adding at this time with no courses on their schedule prior to this day.
  • February 19, 2007 - Begin Midterm grading for Spring

Registration error messages

We've now added a list of registration error messages students may receive when trying to register for class. These error messages include errors related to linked classes, closed classes, prerequisites, etc. The message is inside the registration system on the registration page. We'll also add this information to the current Registrar's website, under registration information.

Transfer evaluations

Wondering what TPV and TRE mean on a student's transfer evaluation? Here's a review:

Provisional transfer credit - When TPV appears on the evaluated transfer credit, students receive a cover sheet attached to their copy of the evaluation which states the following:

PROVISIONAL CREDIT SUBJECT TO VALIDATION: This evaluation includes courses accepted on a provisional basis, subject to validation. Western Michigan University grants provisional credit for work taken at an institution accredited by an agency other than a regional accrediting agency. Courses completed at such an institution appear here with zero (0.00) hours awarded, regardless of equivalency, and TPV is posted in the grade code column. Credit can only be awarded after you complete the validation process below.

The validation process consists of successful, subsequent completion of 26 semester hours of course work at WMU or at another regionally accredited school with a minimum GPA of 2.0. Once you have met this requirement, contact a credit evaluator so that the actual hours of transfer credit can be added to your evaluated courses and your academic record's totals.

Reconstructed evaluations - We handle reconstructed evaluations in a similar fashion. These are not common, and those students affected may have had their first transfer credit awarded before ISIS (pre-computer). The TRE grade code appears in the evaluated work and the following statement is issued:

CREDIT EVALUATION RECONSTRUCTION: This evaluation is a reconstruction of credits previously transferred to Western Michigan University. The original copy showing evaluation detail has been destroyed, but the credits have remained part of your academic record's totals. This reconstruction of the evaluation detail is being issued for advising purposes.

If advisors or students have any questions about either of the above, they can get help by calling the Office of Admissions and asking for a credit evaluator.

Thanks to Ken Schaefer for this information!


For those of you who remember the old ISIS student information system, I'm happy to tell you that it will be closed this month! OIT is taking data extracts of information from ISIS, and storing that data on cd's in case we do need to access this old data. But the ISIS system will be shut down and will no longer be available by the end of the month!!

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