Registrar’s Notes – August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

Summer II Grading

Summer II grades are due tomorrow at noon. The grading system will be turned off soon after the deadline and we will begin processing. Grades will be available for students to view as soon as processing has been completed, which we anticipate will be sometime tomorrow afternoon. Students will be notified through their e-mail account if their academic standing changes to probation, extended probation, final probation or dismissal.
Students dismissed as a result of their Summer II grades will be dropped from any fall registration on Friday, August 23.

Religious Observance Policy

Please note the following Religious Observance Policy that was passed by the Faculty Senate in 2007:
The University is a diverse, multicultural enterprise and, as a community, we jointly embrace both individual responsibility and dignified respect for our differences. It is our general policy to permit students to fulfill obligations set aside by their faith.

It is our intent that students who must be absent from scheduled classes to fulfill religious obligations or observe practices associated with their faith not be disadvantaged. However, it is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with his/her instructors in advance. It is in the student’s best interests to approach each instructor expeditiously and with sufficient notice that the rights and responsibilities of the instructor are not disrupted. Instructors should make it known to classes early in the term what they consider reasonable notice for anticipated absences. Without specifying a fixed notification time, we acknowledge in this policy joint responsibility: instructors will inform students of their requirements and students will make every effort to cause no disruption in the instructors’ plans and duties.

Instructors should assume that a claim of religious observance has veracity, especially when advance notice is provided by the student.  Students likewise must recognize that it is their responsibility to meet all their course obligations. Instructors are not obligated to provide materials to students unless these materials would have normally been distributed to the entire class. For example, if an instructor does not normally post notes, a student cannot expect notes to be provided for lectures missed.  

If instructors choose to incorporate adjustments into the syllabus intended to cover student absences, it should be explicit that these apply to absences for religious observances, as well as all other contingencies.  

Members of the Jewish faith may participate in two religious observances during the first few weeks of the new academic year.  Rosh Hashanah observances begin at sunset on Wednesday, Sept. 4 and continue through Friday, Sept. 6.  Yom Kippur observances begin at sunset on Friday, Sept. 13 and continue through Saturday, Sept. 14.   In keeping with the spirit and intent of the policy, we appreciate your assistance with accommodating the planned absences of faculty, staff and students so they may observe these holidays.  For some, this may include travel time to join family worship services outside of Southwest Michigan.

Catalog PDF

PDF versions of the 2013-2014 catalogs are available on the Registrar’s Office website under the “Catalog” link.   The PDF format was first introduced with the 2012-2013 catalogs to make it easier to search for specific content in the catalog and to allow users to print pages or sections of the catalog as needed.  The 2012 catalog PDF can be found by selecting the 2012-2013 archived catalog from the drop down menu provided at the top of the page.
Don’t forget, we also have a mobile version of the catalogs available that can be viewed on an Android or Apple device.

 Upcoming Dates:

  • Tuesday, August 20—Final grades due at noon
  • Monday, August 26 to Friday, September 6—One Stop
  • Tuesday August 27 to Friday, August 30—Fall Welcome
  • Monday, September 2—Labor Day recess
  • Tuesday, September 3—Fall classes begin
  • Monday, September 9—Last day to drop/add
  • Tuesday, September 10—Census
  • Wednesday, September 11--$100 late fee begins
  • Thursday, September 12—Last day to receive a 90% refund for complete withdraw
  • Monday, September 16—Last day to receive a 50% refund for a partial withdraw
  • Friday, September 27—Last day to receive a 50% refund for a complete withdraw
  • Sunday, September 29—First work grade due
  • Wednesday, October 23—Last day to receive a 25% refund for a complete withdraw
  • Sunday, October  27—Midterm grades due
  • Monday, November  4—Last day to withdraw
  • Wednesday, November 27—Thanksgiving recess starts at noon
  • Monday, December 2—Classes resume
  • Tuesday, Dec. 17—Final grades due at noon