Midterm and First Work Grading

Information and instructions

  • First work grades are entered on the midterm grading worksheet, the midterm grade, entered later, will replace the first work grade on this worksheet.

  • As soon as an instructor enters midterm grades and hits the ‘submit’ button, those grades will be available to students.

  • Midterm grades are not part of a student’s academic history at WMU. They will not appear on any WMU transcript, nor will they be part of a students gpa at WMU.

  • Instructors should use the ‘X’ grade for students who have never attended, or have stopped attending a course.

  • Those instructors choosing to submit midterm grades should let their students know when they submit the midterms, so that students will know to look for them.

  • Instructors can also let students know that aside from the instructor who submits the grades, academic advisors will also see these midterm grades.

  • If an instructor makes an error in submitting a grade, that grade can be changed online through the end of midterm grading period. No other paperwork is necessary.

To submit midterm grades

  • Open a browser and go to gowmu.wmich.edu

  • Enter your Bronco NetID and password and click the Login button

  • Select “Midterm Grades Worksheet” listed under the Faculty menu

  • Select the appropriate term from the drop down box and click Submit

  • Select the appropriate CRN/Title from the drop down box and click Submit

  • Enter a grade from the drop-down list for each student and then click Submit

If you have more than one class to enter midterm grades for, click on Select new CRN, and repeat the last two steps.
Please note that it is not necessary to enter last attendance date and hours.

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