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Viewing and Printing a Class List – PC

Class lists may be viewed two different ways – through eLearning and GoWMU. If you want to import your class list into a spreadsheet, you will need to copy and paste. Below is a brief outline of how to import into a spreadsheet and the results you may expect.


From the Course Home Page, click the Classlist text or icon. The Classlist defaults to showing a list of everyone in the class, including instructors and teaching assistants. Click the Students tab to see only the students enrolled in the course.

If you have a lot of students enrolled in a course, the Classlist may default to displaying them on multiple pages. To change the default view settings, click the dropdown menu and set the view per page to 50, 100 or 200 depending on the number of students in the course. The system will remember this setting, so you will only have to do this once.

You may print your classlist by clicking the printer icon. Note: This view does not show photos of students.


Follow the instructions below to copy and paste your classlist into a excel spreadsheet:

  1. From the My Work Channel, choose Summary Class List.
  2. Select Term and Submit
  3. Select CRN and Submit
  4. To highlight list, place your cursor at the Record Number 1, left click and hold while dragging to the right (include the student photo if desired) to the last student on the page.
  5. Once highlighted, perform a copy by pressing the Ctrl and C or by clicking on Edit and select Copy.
  6. Open Excel, place your cursor in the first cell (A1).
  7. Paste the information by pressing the Ctrl and V or by clicking on the paste icon from the Home Tab (Office 2010). Once you paste the information into your Excel spreadsheet, you will notice you have some clean has to be performed.
  8. To delete the email envelope icon graphic:
  9. Click on the envelope
  10. Right click and choose delete or press the delete button on your keyboard


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