Programs Codes - College of Aviation

College of Aviation code = P

BS AFSJ   Aviation Flight Science (renamed Fall 2013)
BS AFBJ   Aviation Flight Science: Option B (ended effective Fall 2013)
BS AMOJ   Aviation Management and Operations (renamed Fall 2013)
BS ATOJ   Aviation Technical Operations (created effective Fall 2018)
BS MTCJ   Aviation Maintenance Technology (ended effective Fall 2018; see ATOJ)
    ASMN Aviation Supply Chain Management (created effective Fall 2018)
    AVSN Aviation Science (created effective Fall 2014)
    MLAN Military Leadership and Aviation Studies (created effective Fall 2013)
    MLRN Military Leadership and Aviation Studies: AFROTC (created effective Fall 2013)
    PAVN Professional Aviation Preparation (created effective Fall 2013)