Program Codes – Haworth College of Business

Haworth College of Business code = B

BBA ACTJ   Accountancy
BBA ADVJ   Advertising and Promotion
BBA BUAJ   Business Analytics
BBA CMIJ   Computer Information Systems
BBA EBZJ   Electronic Business Design (ended effective Fall 2013)
BBA EBMJ   Electronic Business Marketing (created effective Fall 2012)
BBA ECBJ   Economics
BBA ENTJ   Entrepreneurship (created effective Fall 2014)
BBA FINJ   Finance
BBA FMKJ   Food and Consumer Package Goods Marketing
BBA FNPJ   Personal Financial Planning
BBA GBZJ   General Business (ended effective Fall 2016)
BBA HIBJ   Health Informatics and Information Management (created Fall 2012)
BBA HRMJ   Human Resource Management
BBA ISMJ   Integrated Supply Matrix Management (ended effective Fall 2009; see ISUJ)
BBA ISUJ   Integrated Supply Management (renamed from ISMJ effective Fall 2009)
BBA LAWJ   Business Law (created effective Fall 2016)
BBA MGTJ   Management
BBA MKTJ   Marketing
BBA SBMJ   Sales and Business Marketing
BBA TMBJ   Telecommunications and Information Management
BBA UNBJ   Undecided, Business
MBA MBAM   Business Administration
MBA MBFM   Business Administration: Finance
MBA MBGM   Business Administration: Management
MBA MBHM   Business Administration: Health Care (created effective Fall 2013)
MBA MBIM   Business Administration International Business
MBA MBKM   Business Administration: Marketing
MBA MBSM   Business Administration: Computer Information Systems
MBA MBVM   Business Administration: Aviation (created effective Fall 2014)
MS ISBM   Information Security: Computer Information Systems (created effective Fall 2018)
MS SCMM   Supply Chain Management (created effective Fall 2018)
MSA ACTM   Accountancy
GCP ISBC   Information Security: Computer Information Systems (created effective Fall 2017)
GCP SCMC   Supply Chain Management (created effective Fall 2018)
    ACTN Accountancy
    ADVN Advertising and Promotion
    BCMN Business Communication (ended effective Fall 2015)
    BMDN Business Mobile Development (created effective Fall 2014)
    BUAN Business Analytics (created effective Fall 2014)
    CMIN Computer Information Systems
    EBZN Electronic Business Design (ended effective Fall 2014)
    ENTN Entrepreneurship (created effective Fall 2014)
    FINN Finance
    GBZN General Business
    HRMN Human Resource Management (created effective Fall 2017)
    INRN Insurance (ended effective Fall 2017)
    INTN International Business
    LAWN Law
    MGTN Management
    MKTN Marketing
    MSLN Military Science (ended effective Fall 2014; see MSLN)
    MSDN Military Science and Leadership (renamed from MSLN effective Fall 2014)
    REAN Real Estate