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Healthy Rewards Incentive Program

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October 1, 2011 - September 30, 2012

Zest for Life recognizes all types of physical activity and healthy lifestyle behaviors! Here's how to get started:
  1. Fill out a registration form and goal card available from the Zest for Life (ZFL) office at the Student Recreation Center or online. Registration forms and goal cards must be received in the ZFL office prior to beginning the Healthy Rewards Program. Participants will be able to redeem points for incentives only if they are have both a registration form and goal card on file. Once you reach your specified incentive goal, you must submit a new goal card. Goal cards must be continually updated to redeem points.

  2. You will receive 3 points for every 20 minutes of activity you complete and various amounts of points for lifestyle activities (see points sheet for values). 10 Points will be awarded for every ZFL Class you attend.

  3. Point sheets must be turned in by the fifth day of every month to remain eligible for the program. Point sheets will be filed in the ZFL office to maintain accurate participant records. Goal cards will also be on file. Point sheets received after the 5th of every month will not count.

  4. Incentives can be earned for completing different levels of the program. To claim incentives, all registration forms, point sheets and goal cards must be completed and turned in within the designated time period.

  5. Incentives will be ordered quarterly during the year on the 10th business day of the following months: July, October, January and April. Redemption of points for incentives must occur one week prior to the ordering of incentives. Incentive orders will be placed for individuals who redeem points only. ZFL will not keep a surplus of incentives.

  6. Points earned may be split between levels when claiming prizes. For example: a participant who earns 1000 points may choose one prize from Level 4, or one prize from Level 1 and one prize from Level 2.

  7. Any points used throughout the year will be deducted from the participant’s running total. Leftover points at the end of the program year will not be carried forward.

  8. Participants may begin the program at any time and start collecting points. However, regardless of beginning times, the Healthy Rewards program will conclude on September 30 every year. Point totals will begin new, with the beginning of a new ZFL session on October 1.

Healthy Rewards Points and Prizes

Level 1: 400 points
Short Sleeve T-shirt (limited sizes), Nylon Drawstring Bag, Jump Rope

Level 2: 600 points
Pedometer, Resistance Band (light, medium, or heavy), Fleece Blanket

Level 3: 800 points
Fleece Vest, Workout Bag, Polo Shirt

Level 4: 1000 points
Windbreaker, Fleece Jacket, Abdominal Ball

Level 5: 1200 points
Semester Aerobics Pass, Semester CycleFit Pass, Personal Training Welcome Package