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Volleyball and Walleyball

Volleyball Photobar

The two north courts in the 1st floor gym are available for volleyball during open SRC hours. If you need a net set up, stop by our service desk.


Court 2 is Walleyball ready and can be reserved throughout the week. Walleyball can be set up on Courts 2 - 9. This court is available for reservations during open rec hours by calling 387-4REC. Equipment is available at the Equipment Issue Desk at no charge.

Please review the Court Reservation Policies below before making a reservation.

Court Reservation Policies:

  1. Court time may be reserved for one hour, no more than one day in advance by eligible members of the SRC. The last time slot of the day will be 50 minutes in duration.
  2. Court slips may be picked up at the Service Desk, no sooner than 15 minutes before the reserved time slot, by the person who made the reservation. A Valid ID must be shown.
  3. If the court is not acquired within 15 minutes after the reservation time, the court will be available on a first come, first served basis. The UR clock will be the official time.
  4. Participants who are not SRC members must pay the $7.00 guest pass fee prior to play.
  5. To obtain the walleyball equipment, a valid WMU ID must be presented at the Equipment Issue Desk. A Facility Manager will set up the walleyball net if needed.